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Recent Coty Reviews

Fragrances -Coty -Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

on 11/4/2018 4:25:00 AM


I bought the perfume for very cheap online. It didn't agree with me. I didn't find anything remotely special about it. I had a 100ml bottle and I struggle to even use a third. The scent has a lot of white flowers so those who love that type will be happy. The packaging is simple but nice.

Fragrances -Coty -Beckham Signature - Women

on 11/4/2018 4:18:00 AM


I bought the 75 ml bottle for less than 10euros so I didn't have high expectations. But I liked it. It a nice, floral scent. Nothing groundbreaking or overpowering. The packaging looks very refined. I got a few compliments while wearing it although I had to spray a lot. Good buy

Loose Powders -Coty -Airspun Loose Face Powder

on 9/21/2018 3:51:00 PM


Oh Dear God, 070-24 Translucent is back. I couldn't find the original lavender-scented powder for nearly a decade around here, all that I could find was Extra Coverage Translucent at walmart, which was very orange on my pale skin. This was the only powder I used from my late 20s through about age 40 and I missed it for years!

Yes, the powder has a strong scent, but it does dissipate rapidly. I prefer pressed powder but this is my #1 when I can find it, I am glad it is milled finely if it has to be loose powder. Generally in the fall I need to shop for translucent powder that won't make me look sickly pale or too orange or peach toned, which is difficult with the usual drug store or Target brands, I guess manufacturers don't believe anyone is as pale as I am or that maybe pale people like to look orange or something. I don't wear a mask of makeup, only to even out dark spots and keep the oily shine away. I am thrilled, even though the people of walmart opened most of the four available packages and broke or spilled them. Jerks. There were more choices on the rack than I've been used to seeing in recent years and it's a good thing I looked because now I have my HG powder again. Huzzah!

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Fragrances -Coty -Pulse NYC edp by Beyonce

on 8/31/2018 4:36:00 AM


I got this on sale for $13 AU for 100 ml bottle, so thought I'd give it a go. What can I say? it was ok, not as good as some of her heat products , like shimmering heat, heat rush or the original heat or rise but I am glad I didn't pay full price. It smelt almost musky to me, reminded me of a perfume my grand mother would wear

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Fragrances -Coty -Beyonce - Heat Seduction

on 8/31/2018 4:30:00 AM

I bought this product as I have most of the heat fragrances already and wanted to add to my collection. I got it on sale for $16 AU. I couldn't quite think of what the scent reminded me of, until my 5 year old sniffed it and said it smelt like play dough... and yes he was right!

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