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Loose Powders -Coty -Airspun Loose Face Powder


HOLY CRUD. What have I been doing with my life before this!?!

Fragrances -Coty -Vanilla Fields (parfum)

on 2/20/2018 1:29:00 AM

The scent reminds me of an older english lady, having tea in the garden of her humble country home. Waiting for her dear husband who was lost at sea several years ago. One sip reminds her of her ballet lessons as a child. Another sip reminds her of the formality she grew up in, surrounded by family, by political correctness and rules a true lady should never fail to put in practice. And finally, her last, but precious sip of tea reminds her of all the classic vintage romance she once had with the love of her life. Dancing , laughing and making love in the flower fields that surrounded their home.
She did find a message in a bottle by the sea with two words ''Vanilla Fields''.

This perfume is mature, powdery, lightly musky with a dash of vanilla. It may come off as too old at the beginning a bit like one's grandmother's scent. But it soon fades into sweetness and comfort...just like grandma.

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Fragrances -Coty -Wild Musk

on 2/20/2018 12:25:00 AM

The scent of a clean baby. The scent of a crumpet. A delicate flower that just came out of the bath with its mother. The scent of safety, cleanliness and the nanny from the hand that rocks the cradle. Why her? Because as beautiful and clean scented she must've been, there was still a mystery inside this woman. Just like this perfume. Is it innocent? Each woman is different. Powdery Mostly a powdery clean scent. The musk is ever so lite and the vanilla only comes out slightly and later after having sprayed this perfume on.

It does smell good. Not strong or headache material. It is neither young, neither old as far as scents go. Neither sexy, neither repulsing.The perfect everyday scent to wear. Clean and cozy.

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Fragrances -Coty -Vanilla Musk

on 2/19/2018 4:27:00 PM

A Warm Spicy , Sexy , Woody Lightly Musky Mature and Gourmand Vanilla Scent.

It is a very attractive scent to men. Spray it on the sexy confident elegant woman that you are to complete the attitude. A scent that gives hope to your inner and hidden wild side. When I smell this perfume, I imagine myself lying naked in my golden bed sheets, surrounded by my female slaves who wear flowery and fruity perfumes. Worshiping my scent, the alpha woman that I am. I feel confident, sexy and attractive to both men and women. Sweet enough(the vanilla,spice and balsam) for any men to devour me, but mature and dominant(the musk) just enough to show them that I am the boss.

This vanilla musk stays on all day and gets lighter without vanishing. It turns into a more powdery - vanillic scent which perfectly describes the aftermath of a spicy night.

Fragrances -Coty -Katy Perry - Indi

on 2/19/2018 9:01:00 AM

This is the only fragrance that I could actually envision Katy Perry wearing herself, out of her collection of perfumes - it just is what it is, no apologies. It's quite a simple effort, but the uncluttered feeling of the scent notes is charming; a white tea with bergamot, resting on woody musk. I like that this is stripped back and liner, plus isn't very fruity or florally on me - I can't separate any plum or individual floral notes at all.

The Tonka bean is very strong however and seems to have vanilla-as-amber intertwined with it, which lessens my enjoyment of Indi a bit. I really enjoy fragrances which contain Tonka bean and vanilla notes normally, but they overwhelm the calm, uncluttered vibe that Indi had going on - I find them a bit out of place here.

Official scent notes; white tea, plum, bergamot, cyclamen, lily-of-the-valley, white cedar extract, amber, tonka bean, musk, white musk, black musk, egyptian musk and island musk.

The poor wear-time is what really lets Indi down for me; I struggle to smell anything after about three to four hours and the scent goes close to the skin quickly, so it constantly needs topping up - I'm just not that into fussing around refreshing, so want something that'll last for a while. A real shame as I'd have bought a bottle of Indi after I've used up the bottle I recieved as a gift [it's going quickly, thanks to all of the top-ups], if it wore better.

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