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Package Quality: 3.6

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Package Quality: 3.6

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

Iím surprised to hear negative reviews about this product because this is the fastest drying top coat I have ever bought. I first bought the Seche Vite after hearing about how good it was and I took it home read the label and saw that it could cause birth defects and reproductive problems...that was too much of a risk for me since I am young and havenít had children yet. I decided to return it and got this one instead.

I applied this top coat over my nail polish while my polish was still fairly wet and it dried in seconds! I was shocked at how fast it dried, and it gave a nice shiny finish. A few minutes after painting my nails I was able to type. It has been 4 days and my nails havenít chipped and remain shiny and wonderful. I am so impressed that I want to go back and get the base coat too.

on 8/25/2011 2:50:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Normal, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I should start by saying that this is the best top coat that I have ever used. I was looking for something better than OPI top coat. The fact that its 3 free is even better. I often ruin my mani by testing the dryness. I didn't have a problem with this one. Though, not surprising, it doesn't get along with all formulations of polish. It seems to get along with OPI, but not Orly.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Normal, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

I just used Air Dry 10 mins ago on my nails and now Im typing on the computer. (For me) it has dried incredibly fast. My process was ScrubFresh, 2 coats of OPI polish, 1 coat of Air Dry. After 2 mins I sprayed some Solar Spray on them.

Not many products will allow you to brush the dogs, make the bed and type on the computer 10 mins after using.

In my opinion, as of now this product can receive 5 lipsticks!
Ill let ya know how it holds up!

*Keep in Mind* Obviously this website is based on opinion, but keep in mind factors that can influence peoples views on products. There are other reviews saying a product goes on sooo goopy, but yet another review can say its the smoothest application ever. Products can expire, and products can change consistency throughout time. Try to store products in a cool area where temperature does not change. (never near a window where sunlight can hit it, a bathroom where there is change of temperature due from steam in shower) Things like this can change the effectiveness of a product. Just thought Id share

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

Air Dry was supposed to be one of the best top coats made by CND, and I was rather suprised by the results I got from my bottle. If you know Creative's line, then youre probably familiar with two other top coats made by them: Super Shiny(Pinkish/purplish color, produces very glassy, shiney results but takes FOREVER to dry) and Speedy(Light yellow--very, very thin product that does dry uber-fast but poor shine and the protection just doesnt last).

Air Dry was supposed to be a merger of them both, and this product was sold to be comparable to higher end top coats like poshe and seche vite----but it falls way short.

The product comes in the signature Creative bottle, nothing special about the bottle or the brush inside it. The shape can make the product hard to mix without getting it full of bubbles, and they really could upgrade the brush, hence the rating.

When I first opened my bottle, the product seemed to be of a nice consistency, but that fades as it dries. Care must be taken to only use two or three strokes as this will pick up and desintegrate polish when applied. Product dried thin and not nearly as shiny as others mentioned above.

I found no UV protection in this product--my french mani did indeed turn yellow the next day.

As per the directions on the back, one base coat--two polish coats--one coat of Air Dry, the results were blah at best. Staying power was as good as drugstore brands. I did not experience tip shrinkage, though, which is high in other brands. This product does not layer well.

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on 12/5/2007 3:22:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Brown, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Green

CND's Air Dry is touted as a "fast dry protective top coat." It also has "UV absorbers" to "prevent yellowing and guard against fading and discoloration." When I applied it to my drying manicure, it did impart a very nice shine to my nails. I don't usually have a problem with my nails discoloring in the sun, as I try not to spend too much time in the sun, so I can't speak to this topcoat's ability to protect nailcolor from discoloring in the sun.

I've used this product twice, once over Seche Vite fast-drying topcoat, and once as a topcoat on its own. I saw no increase in the reduction of time my mani took to dry when using Air Dry over SV. It didn't seem to do any harm, though. But when I used this top coat by itself, over 2 coats of a China Glaze polish and a ridgefilling Barielle basecoat, my manicure was still wet and dentable 20 to 30 minutes after applying the top coat. I could use a non-quick drying topcoat and get the same effect, so I am unimpressed with this topcoat thus far. If it claims to be a fast-drying top coat, then I really do think the product should dry fast! I am not giving up on it just yet, though. I think I will experiment with using a non-ridgefilling basecoat, as well as trying a manicure with only CND polish and basecoat. Perhaps it's formulated for best use with other CND products..?

ETA: I've now tried Air Dry with an all CND line-up. I used Stickey basecoat, three coats of CND Crimson Uprising (though the Air Dry bottle says to use two coats of color), and then Air Dry as the top coat. Not only did Air Dry not dry quickly, it was so loose and thin [despite it's appearing to be decently thick] that it actually picked up nail color from at least two of my nails. And that was after letting my nails dry for five to ten minutes before applying top coat! I tried the same color, and the same number of coats, on my toes, and topped them with Seche Vite. They were dry to the touch more quickly than Air Dry, shinier, and less dentable after the same amount of time drying. I'm very unimpressed by this top coat. It dries relatively shiny (though it doesn't hold a candle to Seche Vite), but it's just not a quick dry top coat like it claims to be. Due to its picking up of color and its drying even more slowly than some non-quick dry top coats, I'm adjusting my rating to 1 lippie. I'll probably try it a few more times, but if it continues to pick up color and not dry in a decent amount of time, I'll stop using it altogether.

ETA 2: Hours later, after any normal top coat would have been able to dry my mani, I still smudged and dented the mani in the shower. I used the same color on my toes with a different topcoat, and despite my brushing them with a nail brush and my loofah... there are no smudges and dents. Never again will I bother with this product. Back to Seche Vite I go.

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