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Nails -Creative Nail Design -CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

on 11/13/2018 12:19:00 AM


I have thin nails, prone to peeling, and traditional polishes never last on me. I had gels for years, even got all the stuff to do my own, but those wrecked my fragile nails even more. I tried other no-light polishes, with mixed results. I actually liked Wet n Wild’s way better than the Sally Hansen 2-step, which always chopped on me. The CND weekly polishes are a holy grail item for me and I actually threw out all my other nail polishes. I now have 4 colors and the top coat. They all go on smooth, and the brush is perfect. You do need to agitate the bottle a lot of keep the consistency right, and some of the colors drag a bit if you try to apply the top coat too soon, but overall I’ve yet to find anything better. I buy a new nail polish every week or so. My nails still peel and chip on their own, so nothing looks perfect on me for a week, but as fast as these dry and as easy as they are to remove, I have no problem swapping out my nail color every 4-5 days. Cannot recommend enough.

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Treatments -Creative Nail Design -Solar Oil

on 10/17/2018 1:45:00 PM


Way late to the party on this one, but what a soothing product. My cuticles get dry and rough once the cold weather settles in, and short of moving to a warmer, humid climate, this keeps my nails happy. Plus it smells like a marzipan bakery.

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Polishes -Creative Nail Design -Vinylux - Brick Knit

on 10/3/2018 2:18:00 PM


Perfect color for fall, just right for warm-toned ladies. I like CND Vinylux because it's so long lasting. No chips.

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Top/Base Coats -Creative Nail Design -CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat

on 9/7/2018 9:50:00 AM


I’ve been a huge devotee of the Essie Gel Setter topcoat for years, and while I still love its performance, I do not love that it gets gloopy to the point of uselessness less than halfway through the bottle. I was gifted this topcoat (along with some Vinylux polishes) and I LOVE it. It applies so smoothly, with no dragging. It’s almost…sensual. The brush is the perfect width. It dries very quickly and my mani lasts for at least a week with no chipping. (My nails will chip sometimes, but only if they’re split/cracked on their own). Pedis last til I’m bored with the color. Tip wear is minimal. And I’m almost ¾ done with my bottle and it’s not gloopy yet. This works beautifully over all my regular polishes, but combined with the Vinylux ones, the whole situation is virtually bulletproof.

I really love the polishes too. The formula, the wear, the application, the brush. Everything is so ergonomic. This will definitely be my new go-to brand. It’s a little pricey, but I can justify it since I’m saving so much money doing my own nails.

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Polishes -Creative Nail Design -Vinylux - Powder My Nose


light-brown beige like latte with hint of yellow. This is the Vinylux not Shellac.

- chip free for about four days with CND top coat
- easy to remove
- great neutral
- dries fast

- on my NC25-30 with yellow skintone, looks unflattering yellow buff-beige

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