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Top/Base Coats - Creative Nail Design - Air Dry

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I’m surprised to hear negative reviews about this product because this is the fastest drying top coat I have ever bought. I first bought the Seche Vite after hearing about how good it was and I took it home read the label and saw that it could cause birth defects and reproductive problems...that was too much of a risk for me since I am young and haven’t had children yet. I decided to return it …Read more

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Hair Treatments - Infusium 23 - Complete Moisture Restoration Treatment

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I bought this product because it was on sale for $3.99 so I thought I would give it a try. I don’t care very much for the texture of it; it is a bit sticky and thick. I applied it on my naturally curly hair and didn’t notice any difference in terms of moisture and softness. The worst thing about it is the ingredients, it contains parabens! And after trying so hard to treat my hair right and …Read more

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Shampoo - L'Oreal Paris - EverCreme Intense Nourishing

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I love the shampoo, I like that it is sulphate free and that it has no harsh salts and waxes. The texture of the shampoo is thick and creamy more like a conditioner than a shampoo and smells amazing. I have thick, naturally curly, long hair and it only took a few small drops to completely coat and lather my hair; with other shampoos I need much more product. I liked that it doesn’t strip my hair …Read more

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Hair - Macadamia Professional - Deep Repair Masque

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I did so much research on this product before I purchased it and there were more good reviews than bad so I decided to buy it. I live in Toronto and with tax the product cost me $37.00 for the smaller jar. It was also rather difficult to find and they only sold in one hair store. That being said I had high hopes for this product and I really wanted it to work as well as the reviews claim. I have …Read more

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