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Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps


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Package Quality: 3.0

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Package Quality: 3.0

Price: $$


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on 12/15/2017 11:57:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Normal, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

Where did the scent go?!
I am something of a lazy classic perfume lover: I'm far from a connoisseur who seeks out vintage bottles, and I'm more than happy to use modern reformulations. They may have lost their former glory (I don't even want to find out and be disappointed), but the style, whether it's a "pure perfume" aldehyde or a bold oriental floral, is close to my heart.

On paper, it sounded like everything I like in a scent - soft flowers with a kick of spiciness, musky and woody base. In reality, L'air turned out to be a perfumed soap that's been left in a drawer for decades - a faint spicy clove or carnation appears and disappears, then a more powdery/soapy note, like after using an old-fashioned bar soap and talcum, and then...absolutely nothing. No fluffy red carnations or roses, no post-war fireworks, no smoky and spicy base notes characteristic of older scents. At least when I try a perfume for the first time, before I get too used to it, I can smell it on me the entire day - not with this. No reaction from others either, not even "What's that smell? Maybe you should see a skin doctor." (I'm pretty sure Hannibal Lecter won't be able to tell that I "sometimes wear L'air du temps" with the current formulation!)
I see this perfume often on the drugstore shelves between L'eau de Playboy and L'eau de Justin Bieber and, sadly, this feels like an appropriate place - looks like this sometime-legendary perfume is following the dying path of Evyan's White Shoulders rather than Shalimar. Mind you, I'm not talking about the price point - there are some excellent drugstore-grade scents - it just feels like Nina Ricci gave up on this one.

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on 2/1/2013 10:40:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Get the edp if you can as the staying power is brilliant. What can I say, a classic, clovey carnation. Beautiful, feminine, unmistakable - wonderful, just wonderful

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brown, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

This was one of my grandmother's favourite fragrances, so I will always have a bottle in my collection for this reason alone. I also like the history and inspiration behind it, and the fact that it has been worn loyally by so many women since its inception.

I understand that this fragrance lost something of its essence due to modern reformulation requirements, and I currently only have a modern EDT version to hand. Its current incarnation smells like powdery citrus to me, quite sheer, perfectly pleasant, great for warm weather and pretty much any occasion. I can't see this offending anyone's fragrance sensibilities and I also do not think that this smells like something reserved for the mature set.

The reason I haven't awarded full points is that this fragrance only has very average lasting power on my skin and seems to go pretty much unnoticed by everyone. Once my bottle is finished I will seek out the parfum version in the hopes of a bit more oomph.

This classic is definitely worth a try, and probably a real winner for citrus and powder lovers who do not want an overwhelming scent, but simply a low-key, affable one.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Dry, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

Ancient, sweet and creamy.

Definitely not for me.

on 12/31/2010 11:09:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Red, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I really love L'Air du Temps. It's an elegant scent with a hint of something different to it - I wouldn't describe it simply as floral.

As other reviewers have commmented, it has not been especially well-served by reformulation. Although I still wear and enjoy L'Air du Temps, it has lost some complexity and edge through the years.

A softer version of what it once was, but still classy.

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on 5/5/2010 3:26:00 PM

Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Oily, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

This smell like baby product, fortunately I didn't spend any money on it since it was a present, because this is definitely not the kind of perfume I'm used to purchase. It smells like soap, really, each time I spray a little on my hand it's like I just washed them. It's not elegant, nor sweet, I don't know, I just don't like it, the smell is kind of powdery, kind of old also, it's not feminine. The only positive point I'll have to give is that it smells kind of fresh & floral.

on 3/9/2010 11:51:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

L'Air du Temps has not done as well in reformulation. One of my upcoming projects is to revisit what's out in drugstores and department stores in this and reassess. But my memory of the newer bottles was hairspray on a little dulled spicy carnation, not in any way memorable or pleasant. EDIT: I've now smelled the new version and I'm wrong. I'm not sure what I smelled that I thought was L'Air du Temps but the reformulation isn't a horrific hairspray mess. It's lighter, many of the middle rich floral notes are missing and the base leather/spice touch is softer. But it's still quite pretty -- perhaps for summer? The vintage is, however, definately superior.

I was sent a sample of vintage PDT by a friend. I've since acquired a perfect vintage parfum and slightly turned but still gorgeous edt. The vintage versions are beautiful. They have a warm, slightly leathery base. Over it there's the eugenol used as a stand-in for spicy carnation, and there's also bergamot, jasmine, and neroli. I'm pretty sure there are some aldehydes on top. The overall impression is a light powder over spicy rich warmth being kept in a nice leather purse. It's beautiful, utterly beautiful. As L'air du Temps dries down, wierdly, the aromatic jasmine and bergamot move more to the front and some of the leather/spice drops. It becomes a delicate aromatic floral -- jasmine, orange blossom, with a slight touch of spice.

This is one of the classic orange-blossom-spicy fragrances, in the same family as Tabac Blonde, Bellodgia, L'Origin, Bill Blass (original), White Shoulders. Of all of them, I'd put it closest to White Shoulders, with maybe a little dollop of Tabac Blonde layered underneath, or on top. The vintage is easily available - because of the beautiful packaging this was everyone's dresser perfume. I can understand why people have multiple bottles and back up bottles.

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on 11/24/2009 1:19:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Normal, Olive, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I have been using this dreamy floral for years. I switch to different perfumes but always come back.
I recently emptied a bottle and bought a new bottle of L'Air du Temps.
It smells like something is missing. There was the faint carnation, but all that I remember is gone.
It is not a bad perfume at all. I would rate it okay and inoffensive, but not great anymore.

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on 11/18/2009 6:04:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I've heard a lot of people describe this as an "old lady" perfume, well I'm not one of them. I actually used to wear this about 10 years ago and remember it as a very clean floral smell that always reeled in the compliments and inquiries wherever I went. Not sure if it still smells the same as back then, but I wouldn't be opposed to giving it another go in the future.

on 10/15/2009 10:24:00 AM

Age: 56 & Over

Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

Many years ago this was my first 'real' perfume and how I loved it - a beautiful satiny floral, rich but cool. When I wore it I felt as if I was walking with my lover through an enchanted garden whilst wearing a satin ballgown. I moved on - Jicky, Coco, Osmanthe Yunnan - but every time I passed L'AdT on the fragrance counter I thought 'First love; should try it again'.

A few weeks ago I did, and although lover, flowers & ballgown were still there, it felt that he wasn't talking to me, the flowers were drooping & the ballgown was nylon. I was heartbroken & felt maybe it was me. Then a friend showed me the reference in The Guide and I understood what had happened.

A warning to us all: when you love a perfume buy plenty before those dear people at HQ rip the guts out of it.

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