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Fragrances -Caron Paris -Royal bain de champagne

on 10/8/2018 5:05:00 PM


On my skin this is strongly lilac with faint perfume-y notes but it's so sheer it fades fast and is gone before I can truly appreciate it. I understand it was meant to be a additive to bathwater, so that might explain the fleeting nature of it's scent. Still, for a little while, it's lovely.

Misc Beauty Tools -Caron Paris -Powder Puff

on 12/4/2017 11:26:00 AM

I love it. I was trolling the beauty blogs one day with a problem. I am prone prickly heat. My grandma had gifted me an old powder box with puff. I filled it with my choice of powder. It worked wonders. Now my problem was the puff. It was made in the 1950s and i would not be surprised if it was made of the same foam as a car seat. Trying to apply it left me in a cloud of dust like the foxy red head in an old cartoon. I was wasting tons of powder and it was getting all over. So, i reached read every review i could get and bought a large blue caron powder puff. It is so beautiful and soft i could just pet it all day. It fit nicely in my jar. The ribbon loop was easy to hold and control the puff. I could pick up only the powder i needed, or more if i chose to. Wile applying i did kick up some powder but not a cloud of it. Some times the old ways are still the best. However i can not say about washing. I never needed to. I would recommend you contact caron. In summery. One of the best things i ever did and would highly recommend every women owe one.

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Fragrances -Caron Paris -Parfum Sacre

on 6/24/2016 6:51:00 AM


I have been trying to find reviews online of the newest Carons in the rectangular bottles, apparently released in 2013. The newest reviews here are from 2014, but it's not clear that references to reformulated stock refer to these bottles, and I think they refer to the previous formula in the peppercorn style bottles. So I hope this helps others looking for new info.

I have a bottle of the original Parfum Sacre in the gold bottle, with just a little left now. I have also tried the more recent formulations but never purchased one because I prefered the original and still had some. Now at the point of wanting a new bottle, I debated over seeking out a vintage bottle or trying the newest version. I opted for the latter because one never knows with vintage stock, and I reasoned that since PS is from 1990 and not 1920, it probably wouldn't be *that* different. I didn't love the previous version because it became more powdery on my skin that the original, but it wasn't horrible... I could have lived with it.

So, the new version in the rectangular bottle... I am delighted with it! It's very close to the original, and if I weren't a picky perfume obsessive, I probably wouldn't notice the difference. I will hazard a guess that the mix of musks is different because I have a blind spot to the fragrance several hours into it, and then it resurfaces and appears much stronger. I am sure it doesn't literally disappear, it's just my inability to detect one of the musks, which is common. So my perception of it is as follows - opening, pretty bombastic, obviously Parfum Sacre, mellowing within 15 minutes to something obviously Caron... I don't know what makes this signature, but I have smelled it in vintage Nuit de Noel and Tabac Blond and En Avion... it used to be the 'mousse de saxe'... and the original PS didn't have this character, so for me this is a welcome addition and nod to its lineage and the house style. And then the heart of the fragrance is at it was - rose supported by an impression of incense, which is a little spicy, powdery, balsamic, musky. The rose sometimes reads as soapy; the sillage reads as incense and is present even when the fragrance is hard to detect nose to wrist, for example. But as mentioned before, this could be my blind spot, say two to four hours into it, because then when we reach something like eight hours, it's much stronger again. The morning after wearing it I can still smell a soapy musk on my skin.

So, not the most romantic of reviews, but there are plenty of those here already. I am happy with my purchase and happy that Caron seems to be on the right trajectory again. I know for some time many people were unhappy with reformulations, but it would have been very sad to see the company run into the ground as a result. I hope it has recovered and continues to thrive and will turn out new masterpieces in the future. As an additional note, I purchased directly from the company online and the fragrance was shipped very quickly, was beautifully presented, and they included some samples.

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Fragrances -Caron Paris -Violette Précieuse

on 5/25/2016 10:34:00 AM


I only had an extremely small amount to try, unfortunately, but this was an exquisite violet fragrance with the Caron base. I loved it and would like to try more!

Fragrances -Caron Paris -Montaigne Parfum

on 10/11/2015 9:46:00 PM


I wore this years ago. More aldehydic than Farnesiana and Une Fleur de Cassie with a richer dry down. Agree with ellizam that it reads like a Chanel.

coriander, bitter orange, mimosa, jasmine, narcissus, sandalwood.

The ingredient list makes me think of an Andy Tauer, but the manner of the composition is decidedly different; old school French crossed with some 1980s attitude. This is definitely not musty, but it's grown up.

There are at least five other Caron's in extrait form that I would buy before this one: vintage Tabac blond extrait; vintage Nuit de Noel extrait (though the EdT is very nice); vintage Bellodgia extrait; Alpona extrait; and my unicorn fragrance, vintage Or et Noir extrait.

A reviewer below likened this to Acasciosa. Acasciosa is a fragrance that I wanted to wear so badly. It's is delectable, honeyed, golden, lush, sensual, and sadly urinous indolic on me. . . At least in the summer when I tried it. IMO, this is more buttoned up and restrained in character. If Montaigne is sensual, it's the kind of sensuality of a silk top hidden under a very proper jacket. Acasciosa is like a sleek dress by Azzadine Alaia, structured yet makes you look thinner and sexier. . . . Or a special bathing suit that you bought with the intention that it never goes into water.

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