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Fragrances -Nina Ricci -Les Gourmandises de Luna

on 1/7/2018 7:21:00 PM


Wow, this is my new favorite fragrance!!! This is limited edition too; I am so glad I came across this and ordered a full bottle. It is a pretty and feminine scent without smelling overly gourmand (despite the name!) or sweet. However, it is a sweet perfume- just not sweet like cotton candy I guess....I can't think of anything else it smells like, and I cant stop smelling my wrists when I wear this! I think what I smell most in the listed notes for this one would be pear, coconut, and sandalwood. Highly recommend giving this one a try before it can't be found. And the unique and beautiful!

Fragrances -Nina Ricci -L'Air du Temps

on 12/15/2017 11:57:00 AM


Where did the scent go?!
I am something of a lazy classic perfume lover: I'm far from a connoisseur who seeks out vintage bottles, and I'm more than happy to use modern reformulations. They may have lost their former glory (I don't even want to find out and be disappointed), but the style, whether it's a "pure perfume" aldehyde or a bold oriental floral, is close to my heart.

On paper, it sounded like everything I like in a scent - soft flowers with a kick of spiciness, musky and woody base. In reality, L'air turned out to be a perfumed soap that's been left in a drawer for decades - a faint spicy clove or carnation appears and disappears, then a more powdery/soapy note, like after using an old-fashioned bar soap and talcum, and then...absolutely nothing. No fluffy red carnations or roses, no post-war fireworks, no smoky and spicy base notes characteristic of older scents. At least when I try a perfume for the first time, before I get too used to it, I can smell it on me the entire day - not with this. No reaction from others either, not even "What's that smell? Maybe you should see a skin doctor." (I'm pretty sure Hannibal Lecter won't be able to tell that I "sometimes wear L'air du temps" with the current formulation!)
I see this perfume often on the drugstore shelves between L'eau de Playboy and L'eau de Justin Bieber and, sadly, this feels like an appropriate place - looks like this sometime-legendary perfume is following the dying path of Evyan's White Shoulders rather than Shalimar. Mind you, I'm not talking about the price point - there are some excellent drugstore-grade scents - it just feels like Nina Ricci gave up on this one.

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Fragrances -Nina Ricci -Nina (New)

on 10/19/2017 6:07:00 PM


This is a great everyday fragrance. It's fresh and fruity but not overly sweet or cloying but still has enough depth to be worn all year. The main notes I get are crisp green apple and lemon with a dry down of caramel with some soft cedar notes. I really like this fragrance and I find it lasts about 6 hours on me.

Fragrances -Nina Ricci -Ricci Ricci


This is my very first perfume. I got this as a present but I absolutely love the scent. As I like sweet and candy-like scent this perfume is 100% my type. It's a little bit strong at first but it lasts all day long. I get so many compliments whenever I wear this..Absolute favourite among all of my perfumes. Definitely gonna buy this again❤️

Lotions/ Creams -Nina Ricci -L' Air du Temps Body Lotion

on 10/29/2015 8:06:00 PM

I like L'Air du Temps a lot, I purchased the talc and the EDT but the lotion was always way out of my price range ($60). I recently found a gift set on eBay for about $50 which had the soft body lotion, the soap and the EDT so I bought that.

However, the lotion is... really bad. The lotion was safety sealed and never opened but there is a date of 2005 on the back of the gift set box, I'm not sure if that's when it was made or just a copyright date? Everything else in the box was fine and I've never had a lotion expire on me before but idk. Anyways the lotion smells strongly of a cheap self-tanner, you know that nasty smell they all seem to have? It fades in to something a little closer to L'air du Temps, but not close enough.

Granted, as I said, this could be about 10 years old, but it still scares me off from buying a different bottle new in stores for $60 if it might smell the same.

I don't know why this lotion is so expensive, it moisturizes about as well as any old drug store lotion (it's runny though, which is a negative for me) and it possibly goes bad (or smells bad right off the bat.) Just buy a normal unscented lotion for $3 bucks and layer it with the EDT or EDP, don't waste your money.

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