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Blush -Burberry -Light Glow (blush) in n. 2 (Cameo)

on 11/16/2017 1:19:00 PM


Out of the three Burberry blushes I have (Cameo, Earthy and Blossom), this is my personal favourite, and the only one I might repurchase:

I find that all Light Glow blushes have very...interesting colours with complex undertones, and they seem to change on the face or in different lighting more than other blushes I've tried. "Cameo" is not at all the plain old subtle everyday pink I thought I was getting. It's not easy to describe, but "ruddy brown rose" is the best I can do. On the cheeks, it develops quite strong reddish tones (something I don't see in the pan at all), and in warm electric light it turns brownish, with barely any hint of rose. The end result, I think, is similar to that of plum blushes rather than anything in the "pink" category. It also goes on much darker than you'd expect.
As someone who's not a fan of muddy blushes, I was surprised that I liked it. At least for my neutral/waxy yellow fair skin, it's not the best for a "rosy glow" on the apples of the cheeks, but it is the perfect colour for applying along the underside of the cheekbones, away from the ear, or below another rosy blush (a sort of "draping"-lite?). Somehow, the brown tones seem to emphasize the facial structure, and the red/rosy tones make it appear more like the skin's natural colouring and keep it from looking like strange dirty stripes (magic, basically).

Burberry blushes are praised a lot for their pigmentation and texture. I wouldn't say that that's a strictly good or bad thing: they offer way more payoff than the usual sheer-and-subtle high-end blushes, and I have no complains about the quality, but I don't find them as "user-friendly", and can't say that it's my favourite formula (though I'm in the minority here).
I have to be very careful about what brush I'm using (even the softest one picks up a whole lot of product and kicks up a bit of dust due to the buttery texture, and experimenting with the brush included in the compact always resulted in unblendable splotches), or what I'm wearing underneath it (not enough powder or even using a heavier, oilier moisturizer under the foundation made it difficult to blend). As far as 100% matte blushes go, this might be the least flat, muddy and chalky blush I've tried; still, I find them trickier to use in general, and, given a choice, would go for a satin finish.

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Lipstick -Burberry -Liquid Lip Velvet

on 11/16/2017 9:34:00 AM


The Liquid Lip Velvet is one of the first Burberry products that I've tried and I must say I am quite impressed. The formula has a light whipped texture and you almost can't even feel it on your lips. The colors are pretty matte but are not drying in the least bit. The colors I have are Oxblood, Regiment Red, Magenta, and Fawn Rose. I love that these don't have a taste at all- no perfume, vanilla, mint or chemical taste. They are all very pigmented but work well on my fair skin tone. I always use a lip primer (Urban Decay Ozone Primer) and I didn't notice any feathering or creasing. These last quite a while without needing to reapply and fade pretty evenly. There isn't much transferring either. For my first Burberry product I am quite impressed. My review video with swatches is here:

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Fragrances -Burberry -Burberry London

on 11/10/2017 8:39:00 AM


Been using this for few years now and it has been my go to perfume. I use it day and night. Every time my friends smell this it always reminds them of me. It smells very clean, not a girly girly perfume (which i love). Def a must try

Fragrances -Burberry -Brit Rhythm for Her

on 11/7/2017 2:09:00 AM


If you love lavender and unisex fragrances, this is one to try.

I was given a decant by a friend, because I was looking for a not too sweet, not too strong, office appropriate fragrance for the office. I'm an oriental and chypre lover, and many of my fragrances are fine in cool weather, but too much for summer, and some of them are just not office appropriate at any time of year (Ciara, Shalimar and Cinnabar, I'm looking at you).

I've now worn this five times.

It goes on very sharp and citrus like, even though citrus is not listed in the notes, I am assuming that citrus tinge is a combination of blackberry leaf, aldehydes and neroli. Give it 10 minutes, and it becomes a cool, slightly metallic, woodsy aromatic lavender, with vetiver and musk grounding it. Definitely a modern, slightly edgy fragrance, let down by the clean "laundry musk" note. By this time, the citrus has turned into blackberry and neroli. There is a faint, mixed floral note which smells a little bit like peony, a little bit like rose, and a little bit like orange blossom. None of these are distinct enough to make a good impression, they just seem to blur together.

All up, I love the concept of this fragrance, but not the construction. It ends up smelling a bit muddled. If I desperately wanted another clean, not too sweet floral for the office, I would go a buy Rosabotanica or L'essence, both by Balenciaga. As it is I have a couple of fragrances that fit the bill. I just wanted something new for summer because I'm a perfume junkie.

On my perfume eating skin, longevity for the edt is fabulous. This lasts all day and more. Sillage is moderate. I've had a few friends give me the sniff test. They all said it didn't work on me, but they all thought it an acceptable office fragrance.

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Lipstick -Burberry -Lip velvet in Military Red


Just but it!!! I bet here's no skin tone it would go wrong for!! I tried it on at Sephora while shopping with a friend. It literally lasted me the whole night without any reapply!! Went back the next day to but it! Looks like just bitten lips. Not red lipstick. Usually the lip colors I go for due to my big lips. You more than likely won't regret it!

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