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A radiant floral-fruity fragrance, Omnia Coral is reminiscent of summer, inspired by watching the warm tones of the sky as the sun rises on the beaches of Sardinia and the waves ebb onto the shore. Inhale some shimmering notes infused with tropical hibiscus and juicy pomegranate, water lily and cedar wood as you imagine yourself enjoying the crisp sea air as the sea laps at your feet.The precious fragrance juice is encased in the signature bottle of intertwining rings, accented in reflective hues of red coral, inspired by this crystal gem. A favorite perfume to wear every day, seasonally or to bring along to celebrate a special travel destination, gift this scent to someone special and that someone special can be you.



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a year ago

Hi! I wouldn't buy it agaun because I,kind of,don't like it. A little bit too sweet. Major disappointment on the sillage. The coral bottle and the smell=vacation. But the product lasts 4-5 h în the...

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