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Fragrances -Nemat International -Vanilla Musk

on 12/8/2017 7:53:00 PM


First, I tried to order from the website but all I could seem to find is their perfume bottles listed. I ordered from eBay and received one that is an oil with a rollerball but the top is not pointed so I doubt it is the genuine product. However, it has a great straight-up vanilla fragrance and is pretty lasting. I will keep looking for the real thing. If anyone has a source, please let me know.

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Fragrances -Nemat International -Amber

on 5/29/2017 7:46:00 PM


My go-to amber has always been Kuumba Made's 'Amber Paste' -- it's a sticky, resinous, earthy, vanillic spicy paste that makes your skin fragrant for hours. It's intense. When I bought Nemat's Amber Oil I expected a similar spicy scent, perhaps less intense than Kuumba's offering, but when I opened the bottle I thought I had been sent plain unscented oil. I was extremely disappointed, and had I not been in the midst of an extremely stressful final exam period I would have reached out to the company to return it. Instead, the little bottle sat on my dresser for a few weeks until I begrudgingly opened it again.

This time I applied the oil to my skin.

I smelled nothing and wandered off to go work on an essay. About an hour in I caught a whiff of something. It was vaguely and implacably warm. It smelled like heated clean skin, like the top of my cat's sun-toasted head when I lean in to give her a kiss, like a cashmere sweater worn by the fire, like a hug ... like pure fuzzy WARMTH. I lifted my wrist to my nose and realized that it was the amber oil! In a cool bottle it smells like absolutely nothing, but on warm skin it blooms into the strangest and most relaxing scent. It's not a traditional amber to me, more of a warmed white musk, but it's extremely pleasant for days when you want to smell good but not necessarily perfumed. It's soft, slightly sweet, feminine, and clean. No florals to be found. It isn't at all soapy -- to me it's what skin would smell like had it been washed with water and warmed by the sun. Plain skin but /better/. In that way it's natural and earthy, but still very clean.

Definitely recommend this to people who want to smell good without the headache of heavy perfume!

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Fragrances -Nemat International -Musk Amber

on 5/16/2017 12:31:00 PM


I really like this. It's a spicy, musky, somewhat powdery delight. Smells like it's in the same family as Sage Machado Amber, Kuumba Made Sweet Rain and, strangely, BBW Black Currant Vanilla (but not as sweet). It would be 5 lippies all the way if I didn't have to reapply after 2 hours. Of course, YMMV. Paid about $13 for a 10ml roll-on.

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Fragrances -Nemat International -Attar Makhallat

on 2/25/2014 6:33:00 PM

Similar to Nemat's Al Kausar, this is ever so slightly an even stronger saffron-dominated mix. Except here, there's more woods than florals (Al Kausar has saffron + florals). In the Arab nations, the males wear the florals and the women wear the more dark incense-like fragrance. One drop of Attar Makhallat on your wrist will last well into the next day, as it's even stronger than Arabian attars.

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Fragrances -Nemat International -Jasmine B

on 2/24/2014 11:24:00 AM


Jasmine B is from jasmine grandflorum rather than jasmine sambac. This product found on Nemat's website is fuller and more low pitched than the Nemat Jasmine found in Whole Foods. Not only is Jasmine B denser, it's fruitier, has more sillage and lasts forever. Nemat has several jasmine based fragrances and Jasmine B is in my top two (the other is Katchi Kali). While KK is more green-white and has aldehydes, Jasmine B is more golden and juicy. Though Jasmine B begins with a bit of pollen, it dries down a more honeyed jasmine thatís both complex and well rounded. Jasmine grandflorum is the plant with the spikier petals (jasmine sambac flowers appear more rounded) and it is used both Buddist and Hindu temples.

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