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4 months ago

Tl;dr: - Nice mascara, but nothing miraculous - Buildable and layers well - Both steps are black, so you can only use one - Expensive, but it holds a total of 14.5 ml / 0.49 fl. oz - Hard to take off - see my advice below I have bought it two times already during the course of 1 or 2 years. I think it is a very decent mascara, even considering the high price, but not something super exciting. You get 0.25 oz. of step 1 and 0.24 of step 2, which is basically two mascaras, so it's not that bad. I usually buy waterproof mascaras because my eyes are rather small and creasy. I like to have 3 mascaras on hand because I like eye makeup and have different uses for them: one non-waterproof mascara for hassle-free days, simple waterproof mascara for long/gym days and something more dramatic. My goal with this particular product was to provide visible volume and length for smoky eye looks, so it falls into the last-mentioned category. It's a bit too much on me on a daily basis. But it works and looks great. It can be a daytime mascara for someone with bigger face features, in my opinion. This mascara provides volume and length. It's buildable. This is the only X Fiber product I tried, so recently I was surprised to see that the other ones have step 1 in white primer. This one has two blacks. Actually I even feel that it's the same product, or at least very similar. But I don't mean it as a bad thing. I always layer my mascara - first I add a thin layer to all lashes and style them, let it dry for a second and add more volume where I want to. On me personally, it makes mascara wear better and longer. So if you are impatient like me, this can be a great tool to time your layers :D I also think that brushes are well-designed for this. Step 1 has a thin hourglass-shaped brush which gets you into the corners, and step 2 is a bigger curved brush that's nice for separation. You can only have step 1 or 2 and it will look absolutely fine. It is waterproof, and not very easy to take off. Oil balm doesn't do it for me, but if you generously soak your lashes with dual-phase remover and wipe it off, you can then wash your face with a cleanser. Give it a minute or you will have to rub a lot. Now I'm finishing the second tube of this and, unlucky L'Oreal, I'm into very natural eye looks these days, so I don't need to repurchase at the moment. But whenever I need extra definition, this is the only dramatic waterproof mascara from drugstore I truly trust.

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