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8 months ago

This is really the bomb product! I am surprised to see it's not been previously reviewed on here (the other version/ non-SPF moisturizer is, however). This so far is the product to beat for me in terms of a daily SPF facial moisturizer. This product is 2.5 oz and comes in a pump bottle. The moisturizer feels very lightweight, and rubs in quite easily and quickly. I do not get the sticky/slimy feeling particularly on my neck like I do with many other brands. It does not feel like sunscreen in the traditional sense. Additionally, there's no white cast. This product leaves a bit of shine but it's less than other products I've used. Still, something to keep in mind especially if you don't plan to put anything on top of it. As for moisturizing properties, it meets my needs however I'm not entirely sure if I had very dry skin if this would provide enough moisture. For normal-combo skin types, I find this a great product. It has a slight suscreen smell, but also a faint "Garnier"-type scent as I'm sure some of you know what I mean. It's not bad to me, but if you don't like scents that may be an issue. It does go away after application. I have not noticed it causing any oxidation issues when mixed with my foundation, which is a huge extra plus in my book. I know everyone's oils/skins are different though. I love to try new products but this is at the top of my list right now. It's very affordable, and especially so if you can pick it on sale. I got this at Bed Bath and Beyond with a coupon.

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