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3 months ago

This toner really was too irritating for my skin. It feels fine as I apply it, but within a few seconds, my skin starts to burn. Not a nice tingle or anything, just a burning sensation. Not very pleasant, and kind of alarming. I rinsed my face right away, and the burning did stop. I tried it a few other times, after using different cleansers, thinking I just needed to use a milder cleanser. …Read more

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SkinCombination, Fair, Neutral

HairBrown, Straight, Fine


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7 months ago

I tried a lot of toners and they never worked for me so I never understood them. I didn’t understand what they were meant for, what do they actually do, and when in my routine do I need to use them... until I tried this.
This product is a game changer.

I have oily combination skin with dry patches, white heads and black heads, and huge pores acne (all …
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AgeUnder 18

SkinCombination, Olive, Warm

HairBlack, Straight, Medium


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10 months ago

For some reason I always hold my breathe when it comes to GlamGlow.  I'm always thinking they are starting to go down the right track, and then... they disappointment me.  The new GlamGlow SuperToner Exfoliating Acid Solution Toner is full of good things, but it is also full of potential irritants.  Denatured Alcohol (not the good kind of alcohol, this is the bad kind of alcohol10 is the second ingredient.  You can definitely feel and smell the alcohol just from dispensing the product onto a cotton ball.  To add to this, GlamGlow has also included several fragrance ingredients such as peppermint, fragrance, limonene, linalool, eucaluptys, and witch hazel.  These fragrance ingredients combined with the high amount of denatured alcohol really causes an increase in the likelihood …Read more

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SkinDry, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

HairBrown, Other, Other