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2 months ago

Arigato From Tokyo was released as part of OPI’s Tokyo Collection. This shade is a beautiful creme polish. OPI describe it as orchid purple and that is definitely accurate. This colour is beautiful and would suit all skin tones in my personal opinion, but particularly warmer tones. It is a really beautiful shade for Spring and Summer. The formula is great! It is almost a one coater, as it self-levels very well, but it is perfect in two coats. It is easy to apply, and doesn’t run. It dries to a shiny finish. It also wears well, lasting around 5 days when paired with base and top coat. This is standard for me with OPI’s formula. While I love this colour and would happily recommend it, it is almost identical to Essie’s Splash Of Grenadine (which I love also) - so if you own Grenadine, you probably don’t need Arigato also.

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a year ago

This polish is part of OPI's Spring 2019 Tokyo collection - it's a really beautiful orchid pink, a bright, cool-toned medium pink with a definite mauve cast. We've had a really harsh winter here and this color lifts my spirits, making me think of warmer, sunnier days ahead. The formula is really good: the polish went on smoothly and easily without streaking or patchiness.

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a year ago

Arigato from Tokyo is from the spring 2019 Tokyo collection and is a bright bubblegum-pink-with-a-touch-of-lilac shade, with a cream finish. I've removed a star because I know that OPI have several similar polish shades and it's not hard to find this kind of shade in other brands either, so I'll warn you now that if you do already own a similar shade and like the formula of it, then you can skip this as there is really nothing new on offer here - just a tune-up on a classic shade. This might not be a unique colour, but it has a winning formula - the best out of the pink-cream shades in the Tokyo collection. It's not too thick and gloopy, but is not thin and streaky either. This shade straddles the line between being a one coater and a two coater, so sometimes there'll be one or two thin spots with just the one coat on me, so I do find that I need that second coat to level everything out. Someone who is better than me at painting their nails, will probably only need the one coat. Here's my usual statement for nail polish reviews; polishes in general will last me anywhere between two to four days with only minimal wear. But as I'm a self powered wheelchair user I'm tough on my hands and am always catching my nails, so I can't really speak for how long lasting the formula is overall. I do own similar shades to this, so this isn't a must-own for me [i got this in the mini set]. I don't regret getting it as the formula is great, but if I lost it tomorrow I wouldn't replace it, but if you don't already own something like this then I do think that Arigato from Tokyo is a good buy.

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