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2 years ago

My hair is long and very thick; my scalp is oily and sensitive. I've been a daily hair washer since puberty, but it's been looking damaged recently. In a hurry and confronted with about ten different Batiste options, I went for the prettiest label. So, Neon (no "Lights" on my can) is my very first dry shampoo, in hopes of giving my hair a break from the unavoidably damaging process of washing, detangling, and smoothing. Protip: less is more! I'm a chestnut brunette; the first time, I probably used a third of the can, and got the dreaded white cast. Now, I spray small amounts at the roots, finger comb, and judiciously add more until my hair looks clean. Thus far, I've had zero scalp irritation or pseudo-dandruff. As a bonus, the volume Batiste gives is crazy! Honestly, I'd buy it for that alone. It's a smooth volume, not fluffy and static-y. I apply, flip my hair forward, brush out any excess, and backbrush. That's it, because suddenly my hair has such volume (and texture, and movement) that there's not much room for improvement. Neon is a balanced sweet/sharp fruity scent, with a clean musk undertone; very late 80s/early 90s teenage girl. It's described on the Batiste Web site as "pomegranate and jasmine." It's pretty strong at first, but mellows out after about an hour, and is pleasantly faint at the end of 10 hours. Repurchase? You bet. Although I'm curious about a few of the other scents, the majority don't appeal, going by their descriptions and reviews here. The Strength & Shine formula sounds like just what I need.

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