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7 months ago

Bought 2 of them but theyre just quite sticky and bunch up in the corners of the mouth in that gross way... Theyre cute though :(

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a year ago

This review is for the new Pop Splash gloss in Tenderheart. I love this new lip gloss formula. It’s soft and moisturizing and non-sticky. Until now, my HG were the NYX Butter Glosses. This ranks right up there with them. In fact, I would say Tenderheart and NYX Tiramisu are pretty darn close dupes of each other. Tenderheart might just be a slightly thinner/sheerer formula than Tiramisu, but color-wise, they’re the same pinky browny nude that is a complete MLBB. My one complaint (minor!) about these lip glosses are how chubby/big the tube is. I guess I’m just used to slimmer tubes, like the NYX, but the girth doesn’t prevent me from sticking it in my pocket. It’s just more noticeable, if you know what I mean. And I love that the cap is mirrored. It’s not an issue for nude closses, but when you’re wearing a brighter/deeper color, then it’s nice to see what you’re doing.

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2 years ago

I got this in 12 Rosewater Pop shade. The color is very light. For comparison, Burt's Bees tinted lip balms for example either give the same amount of color or a little bit more. It has a shimmery look. I'm generally not a fan of lip glosses but when I wear one, I prefer that to have a more wet look than shimmery. These are personal taste of course. The good side is that it's really hydrating and lightweight on the lips. Probably because it's lightweight it doesn't stay on the lips for too long. Personally I think the best use of this gloss is like a base and applying another lipstick/lipgloss on top of it. Or you can put it on top of your matte lipstick to make it brighter and change its color a little. For that it's great but if I could find the color in Burt's Bees tinted lip balms for example, I would go with Burt's Bees which is also cheaper. Clinique generally goes with milder ingredients compare to the most equally popular and internationally available brands so it's less likely to irritate skin and in fact this caused no irritation for me. If it wasn't for that I would give 3 stars.

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2 years ago

Cute packaging and great shades, but very disappointing lasting power. I bought the Marimekko version Sangria pop. I absolutely love the purplely pink shade, but it is unevenly pigmented and requires a mirror to apply. It feels like a moisturizing gloss which is nice, but it lasts about 30 minutes tops on me. The packaging is adorable, but the product just didn't do it for me. So high-maintenance and temporary!

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