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2 years ago

I've been using Everyday Minerals for many years. It's the first foundation I've found that doesn't break out my problem areas (chin/lower cheek area). It provides light to moderate coverage that you can build up. I don't prefer the finish of mineral makeup to liquid makeup (Maybelline FitME makes my skin look SO dewy and luscious!), but I do like how it keeps my skin looking clear!

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3 years ago

* 1. Colour match/range - can't fault it, comparable to alima's range. * 2. Lasting power - the jojoba Base can move around a little, but with either their Primer or setting powder it stays put ALL DAY. * 3. Overall finish - I love it, not matte but not shiny; satin silk. * 4. Coverage over blemishes/rosacea - considering it's the least covering of the three (matte, semi-matte and jojoba base) it still does a pretty fine job purely on it's own, mainly because it's so buildable. 5. Performance under eye/dark circles - I'm not giving the star here because I'm being pernickety and mean, it does crease up in the tiny lines around my eyes, although coverage is good if you are feeling ultimately lazy and can't be bothered with concealer (I do get those days) * 6. Ingredients - pure and wonderful. * 7. Effect on my skin, drying/breakouts - neither, I do actually think it improves my skin! * 8. Easy to apply? - yes, jam some on a brush and dab it on, fast and easy. * 9. Price - for the quality it's almost unbelievable * 10 packaging - not a fan of plastic, but the company do accept your old big size pots back thru the post. My only quibble is that the holes in the dispenser are too small, but I take that bit of plastic off if I'm not travelling (which is most of the time) 9/10* I've been holding off from reviewing this for a whole year because I wanted to see if it was truly as good as I first thought. One year on, in all weather's and temperatures, I still love it. I don't even replace my vapour foundation anymore (not that I can afford to). It's everything I loved about bare minerals but without the nasty ingredients. I wear everyday minerals Primer underneath, and their all over shimmer on top, and then it looks every bit as good as vapour. My only problem is that there are no stockists in Britain, so you have to order from the US. :( still, even with custom duties the price is comparable to other brands like Inika.

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4 years ago

This was my first serious foray into using mineral makeup. (I have tried a few of the liquid mineral foundations before, but haven't used any consistently). I noticed a combination off for a set of EM brushes, and it enticed me to try the face products along with the brushes. I had read iffy reviews of customer relations online, but my experience was quick and trouble-free. I selected the Jojoba Base in light 2N, as well as a mineral blush, concealer, and eye shadow. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I had guessed at matching my complexion and fortunately did well. We have had very hot, humid weather the past month so it was a good time to test out the more matte appearance and the lighter feel of this makeup. All of it applies easily with the EM brushes. I like the packaging very much - both the blush and the base have travel inner covers that swivel easily but stay securely shut too. I find that you have to wrap the container very firmly, though, to get product out to use. I prefer a lighter coverage though, so I don't mind not getting a big pile of powder out at a time. If I need more, I simply tap out some more into the container lid to load the brush. The look is natural enough that to be truthful, it's difficult to tell the staying power of this base, but because my face looks much more smooth and matte at the end of the day, I think credit goes to the makeup. (I have combination skin, and with most liquid foundations my skin does become shiny if left alone all day). I was concerned at first that a "powder foundation" would look too dry and flat on a person my age, but that hasn't turned out to be the case. I think that I'll be choosing this often, especially for warm season wear. I use a light liquid day moisturizer on my clean face before applying. It all keeps my skin happy and feels great on. The containers are not especially fancy - they are plastic, with fairly plain logo and identification on the lid. That's fine by me because they live in my bathroom cabinet.

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