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2 years ago

Been using this product for about 3-4 days makes my nails super shiny and does make a stronger barrier for my nails.

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3 years ago

Around a year ago I purchased this on a whim at Sally's, having never used a nail strengthener before. I didn't know what to expect but I put a coat on and let me tell you, it was very shiney or glossy looking and dried so fast! I loved it but only used it as a base coat, which worked okay..not great but I did notice my nails getting less and less flexible. I used about half of the bottle then for some reason stopped for months and recently found it, it had turned a light yellow/white and was thicker but still went on nice and dried fast! Amazingly. This time I put a thin coat on every night for a whole week on my bare nails. It really hardened my nails and didn't have a single chip! The only reason I didn't give this the highest ratings is because it's a smaller bottle for the price, I think but it doesn't bother me all that much. And it doesn't actually harden your nail, the coats of it hardens more than regular nail polish somehow so it's like a solid barrier if you want to grow out your nails.

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5 years ago

This base coat is supposed to strengthen nails with calcium. The first time I applied it two of my nails flaked off at the tips after 5 days. My nails break at the sides, but they've never flaked off.

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7 years ago

Simple and inexpensive. I love it! Comes with an easy to apply transparent brush. Each coat dries fully and hard. It doesn't melt the coat(s) underneath it, a problem I run into with most Sally Hansen base polishes. It gives my thin nails strength and hardness. Great product!

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8 years ago

A great product for all nails! I have baby fine nails that peel and split no matter what I do. I picked up a bottle of this stuff at Sally for about $5 and I haven't used anything since! I'm on my fourth bottle. Calcium builder works better than OPI nail envy, and about $15 cheaper. And it doesn't get stringy and thick like Nail Envy. I use two coats under my polish and I'm good to go. As a basecoat its pretty good. It doesn't chip easily and I haven't had any yellowing issues. Overall, this ia great product!

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