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4 years ago

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Firstly, it smells amazing! Unlike a lot of peeling/exfoliating products out there in the market, this one did not dry my skin out, neither was it too harsh. I have really sensitive skin and it worked really well with the product. It's a fuss-free application process. Just rub some over your cleansed and dried off face, and you'll start to see white debris of dead skin coming off. It's highly satisfying seeing that! And right away, you'll see your skin turn brighter. It works because my dark eye circles look so much darker (I use it as a gauge cos I have chronic dark eye circles lol). Best of all, the product is so affordable! It is usually out of stocks in drugstores here in Singapore so I go to the flagship store (not in SG) to purchase it.

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6 years ago

Love, love, love this stuff. I don't use it unless I'm having issues with my skin not being balanced or if I just want to exfoliate. Super gentle, refreshing, easy, great smelling and leaves your face glowing.

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8 years ago

Another great product from Naruko! It brightened dark spots and evened out my skintone, and I could really notice the difference when I woke up the next day. The gel smells great, gently exfoliates the top layer of skin, and does not strip skin of moisture like some other peels do. I only gave it 4 lippies because it was a tad drying for my sensitive skin especially around the cheeks and nose area, but nothing that a good mask or serum couldn't fix! I usually use once or twice a week.

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9 years ago

This was the unexpected winner from the M&L line. I picked it up on a whim not expecting anything awesome. This isn't a peel like say for example a chemical peel. This is a gommage exfoliator. Gommages are applied to skin then gently massaged off. This makes it suitable for all skin types because it's very gentle and doesn't tear at the skin like a physical scrub. You also can't over exfoliate with this method. This product is very similar to Cure Aqua Gel for reference except cheaper and easier to buy. It doesn't smell quite as lavendery as other products in the line and has a slight chemical tinge to it but it doesn't bother me. You squeeze out about a quarter size amount, spread a thin layer quickly over your face, let it sit for a minute then massage with your fingertips. When you're massaging you'll see little white balls form which are your dead skin cells. Rather gross but neato! Rinse with water, follow with your normal routine and you're done. This is also great for your neck, decolletage, hands, tops of feet, knees, elbows, really wherever needs some de-flaking. My skin also feel super smooth without being tight or dry. I like using it once a week when I take a break from my Clarisonic Mia. I bought several backups for myself and as gifts and gave a tube to my mom, who's obsessed and swears by it. I feel it does help brighten my skin because it takes off that layer of dead skin and compliments the other Naruko products I use. Highly recommended and can be found for $10-20 USD.

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