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6 years ago

I obtained a sample of this about a year ago and was so disappointed that although I loved the sample, there was no where to purchase this so had to file it away with the other unobtainable fragrances that I had sampled. But I was absolutely delighted to discover that stock this and will ship to NZ! So I ordered it and anxiously awaited it's arrival, hoping it was as beautiful as I remembered. Alberto Morillas is one of my favourite perfumers and he has not disappointed with this. It is an ethereal floral aquatic with such clarity, you can almost pinpoint every note individually yet they combine to create a beautiful harmony. It does remind me of L'eau d'issey but is done 100 times better. If I could go back and remarry my sweetheart I would be sure to wear this. I also have to mention the exquisite design of the bottle, the picture just does not do it justice, the bottle is stunning to see and to hold. I am so happy to have this in my collection and although I wouldn't normally purchase a 100ml size I feel that it won't be enough!

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7 years ago

Holidays in summer, in a floral garden, by a quiet lake. It's the marketing scoop and Alberto Morillas successfully achieved the scent. Positive impression, pleasant moment wearing this perfume. When I think I know the brand only because I was attracted by the packaging and I ordered some samples. Au Lac is the prettiest. It's classic, feminine, light and contemporary. I can smell water Lily, Osmanthus and jasmine the most. It's really light, like it was air. I wouldn't say there is a beginning, a heart and a dry down. It smells the same all through. It really is a perfume for day time, for smart holidays, sunny time, dolce vita. I don't feel it gonna be my personnal scent, but something I will enjoy wearing from time to time. It's easy to wear for days you like to wear perfume but you don't like to overdo your look. I mean really the sort of behaviour you have when you are on holidays. Eau d'Italie found a marketing niche when creating their line. These perfumes are for holidays moods ! The texture is quite translucide, yet the smell has got caractere.

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10 years ago

Most beautiful scent ever. Okay, yes, I say that a lot, and yes, you’re about to argue that it’s not! It’s not! It’s not! But - it’s just so...beautiful. It’s everything it’s supposed to be. Okay, it’s supposed to be a mountain lake surrounded by summer flower gardens on a private estate in northern Italy and I’ve only been to Italy in winter and nobody invited me to join them on their estate so what do I know? And then there’s some superfluous guff about a love affair between a princess and an artist, they didn’t invite me to join them either so I say the heck with them and they sound kind of dull anyway. No matter. Au Lac just fits my imaginings so perfectly, and even better, it works like a dream with my chemistry. There’s a lily and fresh green leaf layer balancing the osmanthus, rose, and jasmine florals, and it’s all set on a base of papyrus, ambergris, and cedar. Earth, light, air, wood, water, trees, stones, skin - it’s all here without being in the least muddy and I could almost convince myself that this is how I’m supposed to smell. It’s not a ‘pretty’ smell, but it’s beautiful and very natural. <p>Unfortunately it lasts less than an hour on me, and that was when my skin was warm and almost sweaty. My skin is usually very dry and cold, and then this is going to be almost non-existent. Thus I can’t give it five lippies. Four may be too many. But just as unrequited love is still love, so transitory pleasure is still pleasure.

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