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9 years ago

Health & Beauty Focus evidently bought Le Jardin from Max Factor and are now producing it. The first bottle I tried from them a few years ago smelled nothing like the original by Max Factor. However, a couple of weeks ago I saw it online and the top to the bottle had changed from the completely red-pink colored flowers to looking closer to the original cap so I ordered a bottle. I was pleasantly surprised that this smelled more like the original. It's been years since I've actually smelled the original, but when I sprayed this latest version from H&B on, it immediately brought back memories from the 80s. I was so pleased with this version that I bought 3 more bottles of it.

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10 years ago

This is for Le Jardin by Max Factor in the bottle with the white cap with flowers on it. I tried this vintage scent (out of nostalgia) because I found it at Big Lots today. I remembered this as being a somewhat pleasant floral scent in my youth. Well, I should have left this to my memories. On first spritz this was solid alcohol. It became more bearable in a few minutes....becoming some nameless floral mix with definate green notes. On drydown one gets the woody cedar/vetiver, etc notes. This is o.k. for a department store scent but nothing special. Fortunately, after the initial blast of alcohol, it's not too strong or overwhelming. I can't really recommend Le Jardin. It's rather cheap smelling. But at least it's not in your face cheap smelling. Just toilet water cheap. But I was still kind of nostalgically pleased to still see it around, even at Big Lots.

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11 years ago

I can't figure out what this is precisely. Listed notes for the Max Factor version, released 1983 are: jasmine, peach, sandalwood, tuberose, amber, civet, oakmoss and cedar and it smells like these things in a very sheer, clean floriental, but my box is labled Health and Beauty Focus, not Max Factor,who apparently released this same perfume in the same bottle, in 1983. I'm going on the assumption that it is the Max Factor scent re-released by Healty and Beaty Focus. Anyway, it's nice, but very 80s summer floral on me. Cheap as dirt, and easy to wear, but not my style.

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