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Candles -Yankee Candles -Vanilla Cupcake

on 2/18/2019 4:03:00 PM


I absolutely drool every time I sniff the jar but eventually I get the waxy scent when I burn it. Truth be told I expect more bacause it does smell wonderful initially.

Candles -Yankee Candles -Soft Blanket

on 2/18/2019 4:01:00 PM


I have only used the tart which I cut in four pieces and that's enough to fill my room.

From what I have observed as much as I like gourmands I don't want to smell them all the time and spices make me feel fed up pretty quickly. I prefer more discreet and abstract scents for my home.

Soft Blanket fits the bill perfectly, smells clean but not sterile or screechy, it's a warm kind of clean which makes me feel really comfortable. Will certainly buy again.

Candles -Yankee Candles -Dreamy Summer Nights

on 5/29/2018 8:58:00 AM

My experience with this candle was completely different from the other review. It IS a very ‘soft’ scent, which is not a demerit. You don’t always want a candle to smell every room in the house up. SOMETIMES I want that, but often I want a candle for a particular room, say the bedroom. I often have a separate candle for relaxing the bedroom, and since it’s going to be lavender-y or sandalwood-y or something similar, I don’t want it everywhere. Dreamy Summer Nights is PERFECT for that. It fills the whole bedroom but doesn’t bleed out over the whole house. It IS a relaxing ‘bedtime’ sort of scent. The website notes are vanilla bean, amber, cedarwood, heliotrope, vanilla orchid and vanilla sugar. I don’t get any cedarwood but the amber, vanilla and heliotrope are very clear. If you like your candle to punch you in the face with heavy sillage, this ain’t that. But if you want something for your bedroom or yoga/meditation room, or a bathroom where you need a little something but it’s a small bathroom so you don’t want to get choked out, this candle is perfect. I actually have lost quite a bit of my sense of smell (I’ve made myself sick several times eating or drinking things a normal person would be able to tell smelled spoiled) and so for ME to say I can walk into a room and still clearly smell this candle despite it being ‘softer’ is telling you something. I have about six backup large jars of this because I’m terrified they’ll discontinue it because of its softness (everyone wants face-punch candles nowadays). If you get a Yankee you truly cannot smell, take it back and exchange it. They allow it, even if it’s used, because a) they’re cool and b) it IS possible for a batch to be ‘off’. Just switch it out for a different batch (they’re coded; a Yankee employee can do it for you or show you how). Love this candle, will one hundred percent buy it again. It’s SUCH a relaxing bedroom scent.

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Candles -Yankee Candles -Fresh Cut Roses


Fresh Cut Roses Not As Good As TRUE ROSE

Fresh cut roses smell nice, however True Rose which Yankee Candle decided to remove and replace it with Fresh Cut Roses just does not smell better! I've emailed Yankee Candle, however it's clear that they truly do not hear their customers, Even though they "approved" my review - they did not post it as they choose the reviews they wish to post, which is fine! But True Rose has a definite stronger, richer true rose scent; fresh cut roses just DOES NOT! The Fresh cut roses smells nice, it's just not a staple strong smell like True Rose. One thing I can tell you - that Henri Bendel has a Rose Candle to die for! The scent will make your house smell lovely.

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Candles -Yankee Candles -Witches Brew


I tried this in a wax tart this year. Given that even patchouli haters have liked this scent, I hoped I could replicate that result. Unfortunately, I just couldn't like it. It wasn't even fully melted before I turned it off because it smelled just like soap to me. A strong, Ivory soap type scent. Started giving me a headache. My rating is two lippies because I love the black color and the throw was excellent despite not being completely melted. This was a huge bust for me otherwise. At least I know now that I don't like this.

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