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Mascara -Sephora Collection -LashCraft Big Volume Mascara


I'm quite disappointed with this stuff. It looks great when I first apply it, but it's extremely crumbly and it ends up all over my face, including in my eyes.

It's very black and volumizing, but it can easily get clumpy. Then the crumbles happen.

I've switched back to L'Oreal Butterfly Sculpt because it's a better value and doesn't irritate my eyes.

My eyes are not particularly sensitive and I don't wear contacts, but the chunks of mascara that fall into my eyes really do burn.

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Lip Gloss -Sephora Collection -Colorful Gloss Balm

on 3/19/2019 1:04:00 PM


I have this in 2 colours: #01 Earth Angel and #28 Soulmate. The first one is a neutral MLBB shade which I love, and the second is a mauve-toned shade with some grey in it which I don't love as it makes my lips look a bit dead. My fault for buying it online...

The texture is lovely - a smooth gel, a little bit sticky (which helps it stay on) but not hair-stuck-to-your-lips-all-day-long sticky.

There is a slightly sweet scent but it's very subtle. I'm super sensitive to scents, especially those right under my nose haha, and can't wear any lip products with a distinct smell (for example, anything by MAC). The scent of this product dissipates quickly once it's on.

I love the packaging of this product! I'm in the minority, but I really hate doe-foot applicators. I find them unhygienic and just plain unpleasant to use. This has a slanted plastic applicator in a squeeze tube. After I squeeze out the product onto my lips, I just use the applicator to move it around. I'm not sure if that would work as well with a bright or dark colour where you want more precision.

Overall, a big winner and a re-purchase for sure!

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Lipstick -Sephora Collection -#Lipstories - Oui


I received a few of these Sephora lipstories lipsticks as a gift. Overall, I don't really care for them. The lipstick wears off easily and I don't like the cardboard lipstick tube. This type of cardboard packaging always seems kind of cheap and flimsy to me. However, one good quality about these lipsticks is that they're moisturizing.
The color Oui! looks quite neutral in the tube, but appears a little rosier once applied to my lips. This color would probably suit most people and is good for everyday wear.

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Lipstick -Sephora Collection -Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick (All Shades)


This is one of those "Youtube made me buy it" sort of situations.

My search was borne out of necessity, as one of my more expensive liquid lipsticks dried out rather quickly after a couple of months after use - it ended up being twenty-five dollars worth of disappointment.

So after many hours of watching youtube videos - and rave reviews from several influencers - I decided to head to my local Sephora to pick up a tube for myself.

Granted, this isn't really all that cheap at fourteen dollars, but it is a bit cheaper than the other alternatives out there.

Usually, the in-store brands aren't as impressive (I'm looking at you, Ulta), but sometimes you find gems among garbage - this just happens to be one of them.

As others have mentioned in videos - and perhaps below me in previous reviews - this does have a rather interesting scent. I wouldn't necessarily say chemical, but I would compare it to a fizzy vanilla soda - which is tolerable. It's rather light, so you don't have to worry about your nostrils being inundated with some sort of crazy smell.

As far as the applicator goes, it's a typical doe-foot which I personally feel to be a bit of a hassle as it makes application a little bit more difficult, but it was a test run so precision wasn't at the top of the list.

What really caught my attention was how the formula itself felt on my lips. "Light" is the only apropos descriptor that I could think of, as it felt as if I was applying almost nothing to my lips. The formula didn't feel heavy, goopy, or any texture whatsoever. What was amazing is that when it dried, again, it felt like there was NOTHING on my lips at all.

After a couple of kiss tests, I did find out this does transfer, but it takes A LOT smearing - and added pressure - to get it to budge. So I'm sure it'll last through light makeout sessions, and maybe a couple of bites of super-greasy nachos.

I have 01-Always Red, as I'm a red-lip junkie, and let me say that it easily ranks with Ruby Woo as universally flattering blue-red. It's certainly just a bright, so I'm sure this will turn heads when wearing it.

If I didn't have so many reds already, I think I would repurchase this.

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Eye Shadow -Sephora Collection -Colorful Mono Eyeshadow - A Cup of Coffee

on 3/9/2019 7:09:00 AM


Sephora discontinued and replaced their previous eyeshadow formula (mostly good) with a new one (some good but more that weren't so good at all) last year. These new ones have a great price ($10 each Canadian) and pans designed to make them easy to depot and transfer to a palette (though this particular one was a bugger to open and I eventually filed down the little tab rather than risk breaking a nail, dropping and shattering the shadow or BOTH). "A Cup of Coffee" is a rich and smoky brown that, according to Sephora's site, has a "shimmer" finish but while this isn't truly a matte (in the dry and patchy way that mattes can often be), it's not full on shimmer either. It's more silky/satiny but has only the most subtle glow when applied. It is beautifully neutral, with no traces of unflattering red and it's really just a totally great and versatile shadow that I also love used as a smudge-y, blurred eyeliner. This one is definitely worth buying, folks!

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