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Lip Treatments -Rouge Bunny Rouge -Dazzling Sip

on 3/24/2018 4:56:00 PM

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a luxe brand I always secretly hankered to try out. But apart from the dazzling advertising prose (very high on entertainment value), and slick photography/videos on the website, is there anything more?

This lip balm is in the deepest (but sheer nevertheless) shade called "Speck of Cerise". This is a rosy wine MLBB which is just one shade deeper than my moderately pigmented lips. It is so close to my lip color that I can put it on without looking in a mirror. I can secretly wear it to bed at night without scaring the hell out of my husband! NB It has a wine/plum/tinge of brown coloration, it is not at all pink or red, unlike the website which blurbs on about "crimson-red cherries".

It is moisturizing but not at all glossy, so entirely professional-looking for the office. There may be the faintest hint of low-level shimmer, so faint I can hardly tell, again office-appropriate.

OK - so the website says to use it consistently for 4 weeks, and then you'll see a difference....I'll give it a whirl and report back.

So far so good, but first, I am going to test it on a half lip test versus my 2 current faves: Chantecaille Fig gloss and Tatcha lip oil, which both provide prolonged moisture and protection in the cruel cold Canadian winter.
I can't always be reapplying lip products at the office, so they have to last at least 4 hours to pass muster in my book. None of the 3 above have any discernible glimmer or frost, so that's a plus in the office also. I seem very sensitive to mineral products (?mica); this sometimes give me a low-level buzzing sensation, but not outright feeling of sensitivity or allergy.

PS For those who like aesthetics (and who doesn't, if they also like makeup?), the case is an attractive, heavy, black glossy plastic with a tone on tone black stylized flower outline. Clicks shut with a satisfying snap, won't open up in your purse.

UPDATE after 4 weeks of use, my lips are fairly moisturized, but no better or worse than with Tatcha lip oil or Chantecaille lip gloss. All three are fairly pricey products, but all have the advantage of (relatively) long lasting hydration, so you don't have to keep reapplying all the time - they all last about 3-4 hours, which is pretty good in my book. All that's different is that the Tatcha lip oil goes better with coral/orange, Chantecaille lip glosses go with a variety of colors, depending on the shade you use, and the RBR has (on my lips) a neutral, very natural look - during the entire 4 week trial, my DH had no clue I was wearing it (and he is usually very alert to any made up look).

UPDATE: after 2 months of use, trying it out both in cold dry weather and hot humid weather, I like it a lot, but do not carry it on me because it is relatively heavy (when added on to the rest of the stuff in my purse), so for portability I use the Chantecaille mini glosses. But I do like this balm for at home and at night use. Will def repurchase if on sale.

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Primer/ Corrector -Rouge Bunny Rouge -Prelude in the Clouds

on 11/2/2017 12:40:00 PM

I really like this primer. it seems to help with making my foundation look better. Others have commented on the lack of moisture however I think the purpose of a primer is to make your foundation bond better with your skin; it's purpose isn't to moisturize. I use this on top of a serum and moisturizer.

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Tinted Moisturizer -Rouge Bunny Rouge -Sketches on Water

on 3/9/2017 1:48:00 PM

This tinted moisturiser is exquisite! It practically delivers everything stated on the Rouge Bunny Rouge website. I have the shade Adansonia which is a light milky beige/cool-yellowy colour. I think it somehow adapts to the skin shade. I massage it in with my fingers as I find it is the best and easiest way and also don't want to waist any molecule of this fantastic cream. A small amount is enough to tone done my redness. Doesn't sit in my pores. Stays on all day. My skin looks younger, natural and feels natural. Smooth, not tacky at all. Not shiny but not matte. Doesn't get shiny around my T-zone.
My only and biggest problem is the price. I know, this is something unique and I'll save up money to repurchase it, because I'm tired of the over-advertised, useless or just OK products I keep wasting money on.

(I'm 47, have good skin, not so tight anymore, have some redness (mild rosacea), some pores around my nose. I get a bit oily around my T-zone in warmer weather otherwise I have normal, slightly dehydrated skin.)

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Loose Powders -Rouge Bunny Rouge -Impalpable finishing powder Diaphanous

on 3/6/2017 4:03:00 PM


This is THE BEST under eye setting powder. PERIOD. The only one I`ve been able to find that doesn`t sit in creases after applying concealer. The only one that makes my pores and fine lines disappear while helping my skin look matte. And it has great staying power to boot. This is what I was hoping that Laura Mercier powder would be like, but this beats it out of the ball park. I use it sparingly, just under my eyes, because I can`t find it anywhere in Japan. Worth every penny.

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Eye Shadow -Rouge Bunny Rouge -Long-Lasting Eyeshadow in Delicate Hummingbird

on 4/9/2016 10:10:00 PM


Gorgeous dark purple-silver taupe eyeshadow. It's much too dark to wear as a one-shadow look for me personally (NC-33/35) but it is highly complimentary with many different colors. I would recommend for those who love smokey, complex taupes.

The formula is fantastic - buttery, refined, pigmented, easy to blend. The price is worth it to anyone who really knows the difference between good eyeshadows to top of the line, elite eyeshadows. This formula is just as good as Burberry's or Viseart's.

The packaging is awful. The second day I owned this the pan fell out of its case and so I stuck it into an empty MUFE magnetic palette.

So is the hype real? I'd say so. For those who love luxury eyeshadows, this should be worth a look into.

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