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Polishes -Orly -Breathable

on 12/16/2017 1:02:00 PM

I've tried a number of colours in this line -- also found in Canada as "Quo by Orly Breathable" -- admittedly not hard to do as the colour selection is unfortunately a bit limited. It does have all the basics, and seems to be expanding the line, so, hooray for that. Purple/periwinkle fans will find a good home here...

This is sold as part polish, part treatment -- I'm not sure my nails need to "breathe" (wild guess: the technology used for this and other "breathable" polishes are the same as with 3M's Tegaderm wound dressings?), but it really does seem to do the trick -- plenty of polishes leave the tips of my nails a bit peely and weak, but the downside to wearing this seems to be absolutely zero. They tell you to not use a base or top coat, and virtually all colours are fully on in two coats. The terrific Orly rubber cap is a plus as always, and the brush is very wide; I am a bit clumsy and this goes on with no fuss -- application is *very* quick. Drying time is reasonable.

The ONLY downside to this polish is that it is more prone to getting dents in it than other polishes. This isn't very noticeable, and if it does bother you, a little work with Orly Smudge Fixer will repair it. (The line includes a top coat which I have yet to try, and which I am tempted to pick up to see if this fixes the denting issue.)

Apart from the wonder of no damage (or even staining, even with a dark shade and no base coat), the huge plus of this is the wear time. No matter what I do with my hands, it's at least five days before the slightest tip wear shows up for me. This, given how things usually roll (with well-reviewed base and top coats) for me, is amazing.

The shine might not thrill those who are into uber-glossy gel-style polishes, but it is quite impressive, moreso given no topcoat. I *really* like the simplicity of this: two coats and done, and forget about it for a week. I end up removing it because I want to change the colour or my nails have grown too much, but have never worn it for long enough to have to take it off due to chipping.

A pale pink recently struck me as a bit too blasé for the day, and I added a pearlised topcoat, and a gel-style glossy topcoat. I fully expected this to make it start chipping away like any other polish, but no! So I'm pretty excited about that -- even if it messes with the "breathable" aspect, it is still far and away the longest-lasting polish I have ever used, and stays that way even when you ignore the directions and start adding top coats to change it up.

Full five stars. Canadians take note: the Quo bottles are notably smaller than the regular non-Quo ones, with little to no difference in price, so it's worth seeking out a Sally Beauty or mail-ordering instead of buying it at Shoppers, or at least waiting for a very good sale. The larger bottles are a very good value. Also notable: none have gone gloppy on me; my Seche Restore hasn't come out for these once, even though I am pretty fussy on that front.

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Top/Base Coats -Orly -Glosser

on 12/13/2017 10:45:00 PM


It's similar to every other top coat I've used (other than CND, but I've already made it clear in my review for that product how intensely I hate it), but marginally outperforms all of them on all counts, which is usually the best you can ask for in the world of beauty.

It's thin, but easy to apply and self-levels nicely. For a formula that isn't SUPPOSED to be quick-drying, it dries fairly quickly (enough so I can wash my hands and start doing household chores REALLY CAREFULLY within half an hour of application without messing up the manicure... this is important to me because I don't like to do the jazz hands / T-rex hands thing for too long) and hardens really nicely too so that what you see with the just-completed manicure is more or less what you get for the rest of the life of that manicure. And it does seem to help the longevity of the manicure too... a few extra chip-free days, and an extra 5 days or so before the manicure has to be redone all over again.

All in all, a solid purchase. I find this well worth the modest (for me, at least, at this time in my life) price increase over the average generic drugstore topcoat, and find it hard to imagine a really expensive top coat being significantly better than this.

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Top/Base Coats -Orly -Bonder Rubberized Basecoat

on 12/13/2017 9:59:00 PM


My favorite base coat so far, especially as it really does seem to make manicures last longer and prevent nail color from staining the nail... and the colors I favor are bright reds, vampy reds, and dark-almost-blacks, so this is saying something. I used to get really bad stains in my nails whenever I wore nail color, but this seems to keep it almost entirely at bay.

However, the orange staining from the base coat itself, that other people here have mentioned, is definitely there. I’m lucky, though, in that that isn't a problem for me: my nails have a perpetual blue tint in the nail bed that almost looks like cyanosis (but it's not, they're like that even directly after an intense workout) and this actually corrects for some of that, especially if I use a light sheer "My Nails But Better" kind of polish over them.

As for weakening the nails, I guess I haven't used this long enough to be a good judge of that. I will say, however, that after using this base coat for about a month, I'm actually able to have long-ish nails for the first time in my life... and the nails are even LESS prone to chipping and splitting and flaking than they used to be. This is the case even though I do a fair bit of cooking and cleaning and washing up at home, and often dispense with gloves out of laziness. I guess that might just be because I've been more aware of my nails since I've started giving myself regular manicures, and started using my hands in a way as to stress the nails less. I've also been applying cuticle oil regularly, which I didn't really do before.

But I also think having to remove my polish less (because the manicure isn't getting destroyed on a regular basis, just wearing down a bit so touch-ups are all that's needed) and therefore having to handle acetone less frequently is also helping the strength of my nails a lot. I can go longer without having to expose my nails to the harsh chemicals, and that’s partly thanks to this base coat. I've noticed especially with Bonder that there isn't even a need to "strip" the nails with alcohol or acetone before applying the polish. I simply wipe off any residual oils with a cotton towel or a buffing cloth, and I believe this is also what helps my nails stay strong and flexible and flake-free from the inside out.

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Polishes -Orly -Gel FX

on 12/2/2017 1:59:00 AM


This would get 0 stars if i could give it. I use this product every day professionally in my salon and very unfortunately I have no choice because I am not independent.

9/10 colors require minimum of 3 coats and quite a few up to 5 coats!!! The product is very thin and runny which often causes the tips of my clients nails to get a pool at the tip of their nails. That is if I don't cure EVERY nail ONE at a time. Also it pools to the middle and away from the free edge and sidewalls immediately after application...again one nail at a time to maybe prevent this. I'm assuming this is one of the reasons it cures so quickly in their uv light; so it's not quite as ridiculous to wait for each nail to cure at a time

WORST PART is the REMOVAL you absolutely must remove all of the top coat and even at least one color layer. Which isn't too bad if you choose one of the few colors that doesn't require 10 coats to cover opaquely. At least it's vitamin infused so that when you're destroying your clients nails removing this stuff you have that to fall back on lol.. I have used cnd, opi, cuccio, gellish dnd.. you name it and never have I had such issues

This product does tend to last without chipping for at least a month. But so do the majority of other brands if applied correctly

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Polishes -Orly -Color Amp'd 2 Step System

on 10/28/2017 7:55:00 AM

(Review is for the Canadian "Quo by Orly Colour Amp'd" two-step product, by all accounts the exact same thing as the non-Quo version)


"Fashion Forward" is a medium berry-toned red, very flattering on cool and pale skin.

Sadly i am on the clumsy side with dark polishes and expected to have to do the usual amount of clean-up work with a polish remover marker and so on. No! This stuff goes on like a dream! The brush is PERFECT and the formula was a total one-coat wonder -- I kept looking at it expecting it to dry a bit patchy and need a second coat. No.

It self-levelled amazingly; I have some ridged nails and some polishes, even after two coats of base, three on one bad nail, accentuate the ridges a bit. This stuff went on super-smooth.

The gel topcoat was not a huge wow over other gel top coats, but it does work well. My nails have a definite "gel" look to them rather than just "shiny."

Also loved that this dried really quickly, but not so quickly as to make it difficult to work with. The brush and terrific formulation alone will mean buying more colours -- I normally love the big flat rounded Orly brush, but somehow hadn't realised how much easier it would make a dark polish to apply neatly.

Quibble: packaging needs to be in a transparent bottle, not in a bottle coloured like the polish. We need to see the shade for real, and it's nice to know how much is left. Fashion Forward is lighter and less plum-toned than its bottle. (If you are satisfied with checking out swatches online before buying and just want to see what's left, the coloured cover is a plastic shrink wrap thing that will come off.)

Wear to date has been excellent -- am especially pleased with how dent-resistant it is. Will update if it fails before the expected time, or goes longer...

ETA: flawless wear time was about five days, with a lot of abuse. When this stuff chips, it CHIPS -- I didn't get the odd ding at the top, but lost huge plastic-y pieces. It was indeed, as the box claimed, easy to remove. After too many Essie let-downs, I am now a hooked Orly customer; I have yet to find a poor formula in their line -- just wish there were more colours!

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