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Treatments -Orly - Cutique - Stain & Cuticle Remover

on 10/1/2017 10:22:00 PM


For cuticle removal: A-
For stain removal: F

Orly Cutique Stain and Cuticle Remover removes cuticles and dead skin on the nails with ease. In just 60 seconds, I was satisfied to see 90 percent of the dead skin loosened so it could be scraped away and/or pushed back easily with a nail tool.

I was even more impressed afterward upon painting my nails. I finally achieved those clean, carved out hollows on the lateral nail fold (the sides of you nails where it meets the skin). It's a small detail, but it's the details that make a home manicure look more professional.

Keep in mind it doesn't magically dissolve cuticles. You need to work at them a bit with an orange stick or nail tool. This product just softens the dead skin so it becomes a little gummy and lifts away easier. (That is possibly the grossest-sounding sentence I've ever written on a beauty review!)

It can cause skin dryness. Be sure to apply it to the nail bed only, avoiding the skin around the nails. I made that mistake, and the skin around my nails was dry and peeling the next day. A rich hand cream helped.

Unfortunately, it did not help nail staining at all. My expectations weren't very high to begin. My nails have long-term yellow stains from always being manicured. No manner of buffing, scrubbing, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, lemon juice or any other home remedy has helped in the past.

Surprise! This product didn't reduce the staining. The directions for stain removal are also pretty vague. "Apply and rub with a cotton ball," says the bottle in tiny white font. Rub for how long? How hard? Let it soak in first? What kind of stains are we talking? This information isn't stated anywhere.

I left it on for two minutes, and rubbed virgorously to no avail. The stains didn't even lift slightly.

I tried again a few days later after removing dark red polish, which had left my nails a little pink. It didn't do much for that either. Additional nail polish remover was needed to remove the temporary staining.

Oh well. I bought it mainly to remove cuticles and dry skin buildup on the nail anyway. The promise of stain removal seemed lofty, but I figured it would be a nice bonus if it lightened the stains even slightly, which, for me, it did not.

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Polishes -Orly - Bare Rose


I recently bought this on a hunt to find a dupe for Dior Nail Glow... in this polish I did not find a dupe, perhaps something even better! A sheer pink that looks like a beautiful flush of color, while still being very classy and understated. It's a warm, rosy pink that looks phenomenal on my nails. It definitely isn't as subtle as Nail Glow, but that depends on how many coats you apply. Only con is the brush, wish it was bigger! It definitely won't replace my Nail Glow but I will get so much use out of this!

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Top/Base Coats -Orly - Bonder Rubberized Basecoat

on 9/14/2017 1:16:00 PM


During the months leading up to my wedding, I had my nails done every two weeks at a salon. My nail tech used Orly Bonder, and the salon had a three-day no chip guarantee (or they'd do your nails again for free). The week of my wedding, I had my nails done on Tuesday and other than an accident when I scuffed my nail while attempting to close a window, my nails were still perfect by my wedding day on Saturday. However, I noticed that after two months of regular manicures, my nails started peeling and the nail beds started to turn yellow, which I attributed to the constant manicures. I stopped painting my nails and they're now back to normal, so I agree with the other reviewers who suggested alternating base coats. I'll keep Orly Bonder in my rotation, along with Butter London and Nails Inc. base coats.

Polishes -Orly - Oh Cabana Boy

on 9/14/2017 1:12:00 PM


I love love love ❤ this color! It is a very bright hott flirty pink with a bluish/purple pearlish shimmer; very Barbie-esk. It looks super cute on my toes in the sun with a pair of cute flipflops or wedges. I love it! I would buy this again in a heartbeat! Add on a white base coat to really make that bright pink pop. The color goes on smooth, but keep in mind that this is a thinner polish, so 2-3 coats will make it opaque when applied (the white base really makes a difference). Dries fairly quickly too. I love this color so much I have 2 unopened extra bottles...just incase you girls empty the shelves after reading these reviews! ;p

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Polishes -Orly - Glowstick


I just got into neons this summer and since this is an old cult favorite, I had to try it. To say that it is a bright neon yellow is an understatement. I can even see it in the dark! However, I don't care for the formula. It is extremely streaky even after three and four coats over white. There's another neon yellow in my collection from the discontinued Sally Girl line that is much better. Still requires white undies, as yellow neons almost always require to achieve opacity, yet it only needs two coats to even out streaks. If I bought it a few years ago when it first came out I'd probably give Glowstick a pass. But in 2017? Not so much. Neon formulas have improved over the years. That is actually why I decided to try them now. I don't regret trying this in the slightest, but it's not my fave either.

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