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Lotions/ Creams -Neostrata -15% AHA Lotion Plus

on 9/4/2018 8:34:00 PM


I used this to control my back acne, I'm getting married in a month and in the last 6 months I've tried yoghurt, the aztec clay mask and the Neostrata foaming cleanser and that didn't help so I changed my routine along with using this lotion and it helped a lot. I shower everyday but I only wash my hair every 3 - 4 days so the hair product doesn't always go on my back when I shower and on the days I don't wash my hair I tie it in a bun and when I do wash my hair I try to rinse my hair facing forward so most of the products are washed down the drain leaving little residue on the back, I also changed my hair product to something more natural. I wash my body with soap everyday then scrub my whole body with a brush, use the Neostrata foaming cleanser on my back so it can penetrate my skin more effectively after buffing away the dead skin cells and then I jump out of the shower and use this lotion, at first I can feel a tingling sensation then after a week I don't get that anymore. I change my PJ's twice a week and the bedsheets every 2 weeks. I tried this lotion on my face every 3-4 days and it's been making my face quite flaky but that's because i know my skin can't tolerate the strength of it just yet. I believe the bacne definitely needs a leave on product to work it's magic in breaking down the layers of the dead skin cells since I don't think my skin is good at doing that on it's own.

I'm so excited that I now have a clear back for my wedding and hopefully if I continue using it it will clear up the rest of the scars I left for the many years living with back acne, I'm 30 now and have been dealing with it for 10 years. I recommend this product for body acne because skin on the body is thicker then the skin on the face so it can handle the stronger AHA and will be more effective for it. Theres actually so much product in there and I haven't used it enough to see how long it'll last just yet.

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Treatments (Face) -Neostrata -Vitamin C Concentrate

on 9/2/2018 8:34:00 PM


Contains 10% L-Asorbic Vitamin C concentration, packaged in a glass jar with 30 capsules so basically a one month supply if only applying once a day. Pretty pricey when you break it down into a per application cost. The capsules are quite sturdy/thick and opaque in color to protect the efficacy of the vitamin C. The serum is much thicker than I thought it would be. It feels very silky and smoothing on the skin, like a dimethicone primer feels.

The first time I used this my daytime moisturizer (Embryolisse) seemed to just sit on top of this and not penetrate my skin as usual so I’m not sure if the primer is acting like a barrier for other products. I used Pixi Rose Flash Balm over it at night and this made the products pill up terribly if I so much as touched my face after application. I thought since they both have a silicone feel they must not play well together. I tried it again the following night with about a 30 minute delay before using the Rose Flash Balm and didn’t seem to have any issue with pilling as before. So this was how I used the remaining capsules.

I really liked the convenience of using one capsule per application and I like how soft and velvety my skin felt after applying the serum. There was a slight tingling on my skin so I know that the vitamin C was definitely still “active”. When I calculate the cost of these capsules it would run me approx $400 CAD per year and that’s a lot for a vitamin C serum when you get right down to it. I’m all for investing in quality skin care but I’m not convinced the price supports the effectiveness of this product. Especially when this is but ONE step in my overall skincare routine. I might still splurge on these on occasion when they are on sale because I do enjoy using them.

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Treatments (Face) -Neostrata -Neostrata Canada HQPlus gel - for age spots and skin lightening

The product neither lightened my skin nor softened it.

Treatments (Face) -Neostrata -Youth Factor GF Total Regenerating Serum

on 8/10/2018 6:59:00 AM


Do not expect miracles over night with this product. At first I was disappointed with it especially given its cost, however after having finished the bottle (approx. two to two and a half months of daily use) I have noticed a rather remarkable difference. I put a moisturizer over this and use at night. The lines that run from my nose to my mouth, and mouth to chin are much less prevelant than they were before I started this using this. I’ve been a lifelong user of Neostrata and love it with the exception of a few products. This product, despite the steep price, is now a keeper for me. It works. You do have to be persistent and consistent in the use. Don’t expect an overnight miracle. Neostrata products are like heathlybeating and exercise, you don’t see an immediate result, but over time they really make a difference.

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Lotions/ Creams -Neostrata -Smoothing Lotion - AHA 10

on 6/17/2018 2:31:00 PM


I had gone to get my eyebrows threaded I had a breakout around forehead area shortly after. I had tried everything to get rid of the scars from the breakout and nothing worked except for this amazing lotion. Have been using it for about a week and have already obtained amazing results. If you have acne scars, this is most definitely do the trick.

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