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Cleansers -Neostrata -Facial Cleanser PHA 4%

on 1/11/2019 4:15:00 PM


Impressive cleanser-delivers immediate results.
I have to use a balm or a cleansing milk to get my make up off, but as a second cleanser it does a fantastic job. Very gentle to the skin and highly effective as it cleanses throuroghly. It leaves the skin smooth and fresh and every product seems to penetrate so much better afterwards. The best cleanser I have used so far and I have used a lot (PTR, Caudalie, Apivita, Korres, La Prairie, SISLEY, EL and many many others....)

Treatments (Face) -Neostrata -CLARIFY Targeted Clarifying Gel


Neostrata recently renovated their entire line. I was in the market for a good targeted spot treatment. I don't breakout often luckily, but I get the ocassional one where I want to disappear as soon as possible. I decided to give this one a chance. Since I've bought it, I've had a few breakouts in total. What I have noticed from using this product is that my blemishes quickly healed. I would say by 70-80% reduction in size after using it 1-2 times a day. Very effective and gentle.

From their site:

This targeted, triple-action treatment gel is formulated with an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) blend of Acetyl Mandelic Acid, Citric Acid and Tartaric Acid, combined with Salicylic Acid and ProVitamin A, to exfoliate the buildup of dead skin cells and help keep pores clear of impurities.

I highly recommend this!

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Cleansers -Neostrata -CLARIFY Mandelic Clarifying Cleanser Gel Facial Wash for Oily Skin 4% PHA/AHA


This was previously the Acne Clear cleanser from Neostrata. It has a combination of Alpha and Polyhydroxy Acids (AHA/PHA) to help exfoliate skin that is oily and acne prone. It's a thick type gel that doesn't feel heavy and is soap free and fragrance free. It helps to smooth skin and clarify pores. You can get this at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and it's often on sale. I found it to be effective at treating my breakouts and controlling my oily skin. I really enjoy this product.

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Moisturizers -Neostrata -Moisture Infusion Hydrating Cream

on 12/23/2018 1:51:00 AM

Omg this is my HG moisturizer and they have discontinued it!!! What is the replacement?? I do not know. So sad. Why would they get rid of this gem? It was non comedogenic , didn't sting my sensitive skin, moisturized so well with the fantastic ingredients like matryxl 3000. It was perfect in every way. HOW DARE YOU DISCONTINUE THIS. Johnson and Johnson is responsible for it. They bought neostrata and changed everything completely.

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Treatments (Face) -Neostrata -15% AHA Gel Plus

on 12/7/2018 6:42:00 AM


I've repurchased this product already 3 times and will continue to do so. I swear by it. About a year and a half ago I had absolutely the worst case of inflammatory acne you could imagine. My cosmetologist offered me a sample of this product and told me that it works wonders for her skin. I tried it out for a week and decided to purchase it. Right now my skin is clear, but I'll still continue using it (just in case). I used to use it two times a day (in the morning and before going to sleep), because there was no point in wearing make-up since no foundation could mask my acne. Now that my skin is clear (thanks to this product and korean face masks), I only use it before going to sleep. After using it for a few weeks not only I saw that my pimples were getting smaller or vanished, but also saw that it got rid of wrinkles on my forehead and laugh lines (I'm really young so they were not deep). What is great about it - it doesn't dry out my skin. But I must warn you, If you have no experience with AHA, BHA etc. this might burn your skin. I've had tons of experience before I started using it so it didn't burn, putting it on my skin feels refreshing. The only downside of this product is the packaging. The first time i bought it, it had the same packaging as in this picture and it wasn't too bad. The only thing negative I remember about it - a few weeks after using it the product would dry out in the opening hole, so I had to push it out with the cotton swab. The other times i bought gel plus, the product came in this over-sized toothpaste type of container. I felt that because the product is very runny and the packaging isn't very suitable for this type of product I end up using way more that I actually need. But regardless of that fact, whenever I purchase the 'Neostrata gel plus' gel, I finish the whole container in about 8 months.

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