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Palettes -Natio -Illuminating Mineral Powder Face Palette

on 2/11/2019 8:54:00 PM


I bought this on sale at David Jones for $13.96, down from $19.95. The colours were a good range - pinkish for blush, three different shades of pale brown for contouring - and all very pale, which I thought would work well for my skin tone. Most contouring/bronzing powders are far too dark or orange for me.

However, I used it once over the top of my normal make up, and for the next 3 days I had bumpy pimply break-outs everywhere on my face where the powder had touched. Weird places that I rarely or NEVER get pimples, such as high up on the sides of my nose, my temples, forehead, high up on my cheeks under my eyes, etc.

Everything else about my skincare/make up routine is the same and hasn't caused any problems, so it was pretty obvious that this palette was the cause. I haven't used it since, and my skin is clearing up quickly.

I compared the ingredients with the Ulta3 palette I had been using, and the only main different ingredient I could see was that this palette contains synthetic fluorphlogophite, which is apparently a replacement for mica in shiny/glittery cosmetics?

There is also capric triglyceride, which is apparently derived from coconut oil and glycerin. The palette also contains oils such as argan oil and jojoba seed oil.

I'm thinking it was these oils that made me break out. Or possibly the synthetic mica.

Anyway, I don't know how this would affect someone else' skin, but I can't recommend it. Use at your own risk!

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Primer/ Corrector -Natio -AGELESS Illuminating Primer

on 1/14/2019 5:13:00 PM


This is the best primer I have ever used and it’s so affordable too!
It goes on like a dream - it’s actually beautiful to apply because it feels soothing on the skin and absorbs quickly.
It leaves my skin so soft and smooth - perfect for those days when I have dryness or flaky patches on my combo skin.
Even though my skin is combo and can get very oily in the t zone - i find this primer to almost control the oil while still hydrating the drier parts of my face (under eyes etc) and giving it an almost lit from within youthful look. It is bloody brilliant!!
I wore it under my makeup on my wedding day and my skin was flawless for the whole day.
The ingredients also seem to prevent breakouts and calm redness - so that’s a bonus too!

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Sunscreen -Natio -Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF 50+


It's hard to know what to rate this as because the advertising and claims are contradictory. I bought this thinking it was a sunscreen because the front of the bottle makes it look like one, with claims of "SPF50", "4 hours water resistant", "protection against UVA/UVB rays" and loads of other claims you only really find on sunscreen bottles, and Beautyheaven described it as such and gave it rave reviews. However, it uses the word "lotion" instead of sunscreen - but it doesn't call itself a suntan lotion nor look like a moisturiser with SPF, since those tend to be very low SPF and talk more about moisturising properties. Other than the word lotion, this is honestly just straight up advertised as being a moisturising high SPF sunscreen that's water resistant and will play nice with your appearance - like every other sunscreens claims. When applied to the skin, it looks and smells like any other kind of body sunscreen, but a little less greasy. Touch-wise, after it's dried down, I'd consider it a slightly greasier version of MECCA To Save Face.

I live in NZ and bought this because I figured an Australian company would do a good job of creating a suncare product for their much harsher temperatures. Boy was I wrong. The ONLY time I have not burned badly from using this product was when I applied it three times over the course of five hours and didn't go anywhere near water on a 22C - 24C day, and that still gave me a medium tan (other sunscreens cause me to not tan at all). I also don't sweat much, but the product still wore off quickly on the patches that I did. If you wade into water, it will disappear instantly. Obviously all sunscreens will even when advertised as being water resistant, but this particular one does it far faster and with more of a vengeance. For some reason, reapplying afterwards to dried skin doesn't do anything.

So it's up to you if you think I'm an idiot or not for considering this a sunscreen when it technically contains the word "lotion" - but I'll tell you right now that this is a terrible product to use as a lotion. It just looks and smells like sunscreen. It offers a small amount of moisture, but there's loads of other moisturisers that will do the job and be much better.

I only recommend this product for people who are going to be out in the sun for two hours or less and they want to get a nice tan - but only if they already tan easily.

Lip Liners -Natio -Mechanical Long Lasting Lip Liner - Nude

on 5/21/2018 6:04:00 PM

The best lip liner I have tried! Amazing stay power, perfect colour. Better than Mac and much cheaper! The Lotus colour is awesome too.

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Treatments (Face) -Natio -Camouflage Tinted Spot Cream

on 3/12/2018 1:36:00 AM


This is overall an alright conclear.
High coverage
Good price
Doesn't irritate spots (but didn't really help them)
Lots of conclear in bottle

Clings to dry patches
Only one shade
Packaging (always seems to leak)
Doesn't last well though out the day

I have used 3 bottles of this conclear, as it is the best one from the pharmacy. I am going to switch to a different conclear now because it doesn't work for me anymore because my skin is more dry and the shade is off.

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