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Recent Equate Reviews

Cleansers -Equate -Foaming Facial Cleanser


I got this for half off at Walmart ($2.67) for 12 fl. ounces! I could not believe the incredible value, as it's the same as CeraVe's Foaming Cleanser. This is great for combo/oily skin, that is also dehydrated. My t-zone does get shiny, but the rest of my face is quite dry. I also wear light makeup, so I need a cleanser that can remove makeup and cut through oil, without over-drying. This cleanser meets my needs perfectly. I can even use it twice a day, whereas a lot of foaming cleansers, I can only use once (usually at night). Fragrance free too! Will def. go stock up, while they are half off!

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Hair Treatments -Equate -Complete 10 Leave-in Conditioner


If you love It’s a 10, but don’t want to spend that much, this is exactly what you are looking for.
It’s not as smooth, nicely fragranced, or as silky in application, but the results are the same.
I have found leave-in conditioners like these as a secret weapon to keeping hair healthy. I find them as necessary as shampoo and conditioner.
Sally’s, both Heavenly 7, Ion, and other brands at the store, have several “dupes” of It’s a 10 too. Many are often on special, and are sometimes cheaper. But I know Sally’s isn’t as easily available as this probably is.
My only complaints are I wish it was a few dollars cheaper, and that the packaging was better and more appealing. But, considering how much you save for the results, I highly recommend.
Overall: A-

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Cleansers -Equate -Skin Cream with Eucalyptus Oil

on 7/21/2018 4:15:00 PM


This generic version of Noxzema has been described as more similar to the olden-day Noxzema than the reformulated Noxzema that you see now. That may be the case, but having used both the generic version and the name brand version, I still do prefer the name brand version. The Equate brand works perfectly well, and in many respects is very similar in smell, texture, and ingredients (except for the addition of phenol, which Noxzema cut out), but for whatever reason, my skin is more clear and less acne-prone when using the original Noxzema. I don't know why that is, and usually I find generics to be on par with the name brands, but in this case, I'll spend the extra dollar on Noxzema.

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Moisturizers -Equate -Moisturizing Lotion

on 6/28/2018 12:33:00 PM

Can’t believe there aren’t more reviews for this. The CeraVe knockoff does everything the brand name does plus it’s cheaper - moisturizes, doesn’t feel heavy, doesn’t clog my finicky skin. I switched to Aveeno to see if the grass is greener over there, but my skin started peeling again (Retin A effects). In fact, I like this better than the original. Definitely worth a try if you like the brand name version.

Cleansers -Equate -Sensitive Cleansing Facial Wipes (Simple Sensitive Facial Wipes)

on 6/6/2018 9:54:00 PM


These wipes work well for my foundation / other face products but when it comes to removing eye makeup they burn. The size of the wipe, and packaging is great because they have stayed moist all the way to the end but I will not be purchasing them again.

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