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6 months ago

Ok, really great price, but that’s all this shampoo has going for it. I purchased both the shampoo and conditioner and OH BOY, never EVER again. My hair type is fine and medium thick (pretty much I have fine hair but a lot of it) and it falls flat very easily. I hardly use any products in my hair and it is virgin hair (I never dye it). I wash my hair 1-2 times a week and have really healthy hair. I noticed after the first time using it, my hair felt super dry, but also kind of like sticky and tacky at the same time? Almost as if the shampoo COMPLETELY stripped it and then the conditioner left behind a bunch of residue and gunk. I couldn’t even run my hands through my hair, like it was that bad. My hair literally felt ruined. The next day, I went by ulta and got a way more expensive ( but totally better) shampoo and conditioner. Ultimately, if you have hair like mine, just try something else!

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7 months ago

Bought this shampoo when budget was tight. Figured it would get me through until payday. Well it did but not without my hair suffering for it! After the second use I noticed my hair was extremely dry. Keep in mind my hair has NOT been processed, I dont blow dry or use heat on my hair regularly (more like next to never). I have fine, dark blonde hair that is just past my shoulders. By the third day of using this product, I was unable to get a brush through my hair when it was dry. I even tried triple rinsing and using a different conditioner to see if that would help. It only seemed to get worse. I finally went to Ulta and bought Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoo. My hair is completely back to normal in one wash. So I dont know what is in this shampoo that doesn't agree with my hair but whatever it is I wont be purchasing it again! I've used the tea tree kind and not had this issue so I dont know why the coconut milk did this.

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10 months ago

Edit: June 12, 2019 I got way to excited when writing this review. It was too good to be true. I kept using this as an everyday shampoo, and my scalp began to get super super super itchy! I had to buy some head and shoulders itchy scalp shampoo, and it fixed me up. Occasional use of this seems like it would be okay, but definitely not an everyday shampoo for sure. i absolutely LOVE this, and it is EXACTLY the same as OGX coconut milk shampoo, at a much better price point! i've ALWAYS been obsessed with the OGX coconut milk shampoo scent, and equate duplicated this perfectly, even right down to the very ingredients, its the same quality, in my honest opinion. this equate shampoo works wonders for my super long, wavy hair, by taking out the oiliness, but not stripping it, doesn't tangle my hair (this is a BIG one), and ultimately making my hair smell super super wonderful. i added it up, and with purchasing this equate brand coconut milk shampoo, i will spend less than $20 a year on shampoo, and that's something to be happy about! great value, and quality.

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