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Drunk Elephant is a skin care brand founded by Tiffany Masterson in 2013. Inspired by the famous expression, less is more, so she set out to really learn about ingredients in popular skin care products.* One of the most popular products in Masterson's line of skin care is Marula Oil, which was chosen due to the high content of fatty acids, antioxidants and its anti-microbial properties.* Its products are available online and at spa/luxury boutiques across the country. *Source: Company website

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Moisturizers -Drunk Elephant -Protini Polypeptide Cream

on 3/18/2019 8:19:00 PM


I got this as a gift from Sephora, along with a DE cleanser. Damn, broke me out in a day. One application was all it took. I see am not the only one. How do products, that cause more harm than good, at this price point, continue to be sold?

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Cleansers -Drunk Elephant -Beste Jelly Cleanser

on 3/16/2019 9:35:00 PM


Got this as a Sephora sample. It stripped my skin like Dial soap. And it's $32 for 5 ounces. I have no idea who their market is for this product. If you want something that will strip your skin, there are plenty of products at the dollar store that will do so. Love Drunk Elephant's Umbra Tinte, but this is crap.

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Moisturizers -Drunk Elephant -Lala Retro Whipped Cream

on 3/15/2019 3:59:00 AM


I have to say I really like the packaging, super hygienic!

First of all, this is not cheap and I have had high hope towards Drunk Elephant after reading so many good reviews. However it broke me out.

Acne prone / Oily skin types better watch out!

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Skincare - Face -Drunk Elephant -C-Firma Day Serum

on 3/11/2019 9:04:00 PM


So, if you know anything about Vitamin C, you know it’s HIGHLY unstable (particularly in the L-AA form). It oxidizes quickly and loses efficacy. Additionally, some studies show that oxidized product can be bad for your skin. Adding ferulic acid helps stabilize Vit C products, but it’s still not something you should stockpile.

Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma has a reputation for oxidizing quickly, but mine (the Little size) arrived oxidized. It was a very orange color, and I immediately knew what that meant. I mentioned it to DE founder/CEO, Tiffany Masterson, on Instagram (kudos to her for being accessible and responsive that way), and her reply was that it’s ok for it to be oxidized because, “we did the testing.”

OK, first of all, do a quick search online and you can see DE’s pat response to anyone who emails about this problem is that they did the testing. (They do provide their stats, as well.) In-house testing is great - if backed by independent studies that confirm it. Second of all, for the money DE charges for its stuff, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a product to be fresh upon purchase.

Sephora (love them) sent me a replacement, but that also arrived oxidized. I give up. I’m sticking with my original brand.

I really love DE’s Lala Retro, but this experience is making me very wary of the brand, as a whole.

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Skincare - Face -Drunk Elephant -Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

on 3/7/2019 6:30:00 PM


Overpriced dud, returned it after two weeks because it sat on the surface of my skin and never absorbed. I like the fact that this contains no fragrance, and it did not cause any issues for my sensitive, rosacean, acne-prone, dry/flaky aging skin. In general facial oils don't work well for me - historically they haven't ever helped with my dryness or flakes. I was willing to try this one because I was completely desperate to decrease my winter flakes, and I really like this brand. (I have been a devoted C-Firma Day Serum + Framboos user for a few years.) Unfortunately, just like the other facial oils I've tried, this sat on top of my skin and did nothing. When I used it in the a.m, it made it impossible to apply sunscreen and makeup over it. When I used it at bedtime, it came off on my pillowcase. It is also overpriced ($40 USD for a small bottle) and the dropper format is unhygienic/non-airtight. This should be in a pump and it should cost a quarter of what they're charging. Hard pass on this.

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