Clairol is a personal care company founded by Lawrence and Joan Gelb along with James Romeo in 1931. In 1949 they introduced the first one-step hair color product intended for professional use, called "Miss Clairol Hair Bath." Clairol was purchased by Proctor & Gamble in 2001. At-home hair color lines include "Nice N' Easy", "Natural Instincts" "Root Touch Up" and "Perfect Lights".* *Source: Wikipedia

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Shampoo -Clairol -Herbal Essences Bio Renew Naked Volume White Grapefruit and Mimosa Mint Shampoo

on 1/21/2019 10:52:00 AM


Bought this a year ago and just reviewing now. I think that this is good to use as a clarifying shampoo as it left my hair very clean and bouncy. Additionally, it has a light, fresh smell. However, I think it'd be too drying to use as an everyday shampoo.

Hair Color -Clairol -Soy 4Plex Liquicolor professional hair color

on 12/23/2018 5:17:00 PM


I used 75% level 3 AA and 25% level 4 AA with 20volume peroxide and left it on for 45 minutes. The result was orangey-pink at the roots and red-brown in the middle, nowhere near as dark as the swatch.

I included an anti-red color packet

The color of the mixture after adding peroxide should have been a clue. It was pink!

This is the most disappointing, worst color result I have ever had. I wanted cool medium brown. I got orange.

My natural color is a medium-dark cool brown. I only wanted to cover up less than 5% grey. Back, to the drawing board.I'm going to have to correct the color now. The garbage I got from Dollar Tree was much better than this.

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Hair Color -Clairol -natural instincts cinnaberry

on 12/14/2018 12:07:00 PM


Review of the shade R5 aka Cinnaberry
I am really impressed with the nice result! I was so worried to try this because some reviews said this shade turned their hair black and the formula at application is dark purple. I also concern because I have damage and layers of various shades of red perment color (wella color tango to be specific) my hair was looking uneven and dry and I am tired of permanent color. I have used plenty of demi permament products in the past (manic panic, adore, ion) and while those are great for shine and conditioning they tend to only be available in very bright punky colors that dont work for my goal a somewhat natural shade of rich auburn red. This semi permanent color product gave me exactly what i was looking for, blended out my color to a lovely true red auburn. It smells nice and my hair feels like silk, im glad I gave this a try, Heres to hoping it becomes my new HG hair color!
*edit 12/27/18*
I still like this product, and my hair still looks healthier than before I used it, but I can say that after 2-3 washes its color is pretty much gone from my ends. However my roots still look nicely blended in with the permanent dyed lengths and that was my main goal so I can ween off of using permanent dye. I will def use this again, but I want to try to try the Spiced Tea color next. the quest for *the perfect* red hair is truely never ending! :P

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Styling Products -Clairol -3-in-1 Mousse - Maximum Hold


This mousse reminds me of my mom. She's been gone for a lot of years now, but this product remains unchanged from when she used it, from the packaging to the smell. I love it for that reason alone, but it's actually quite a good mousse as well. Adds volume, hold and shine without being too sticky. It never gets crusty on me. It's also very cheap, though less and less easy to find.

Conditioner -Clairol -Herbal Essences Drama Clean Refreshing Conditioner


It has been years since someone last comment and review this product. So no one is using this anymore? Like my review on the Drama Clean Shampoo, I like this more than the rest of the Herbal Essences series. This conditioner provides a light moisturizing effect on my hair, no healthy protein used, like hydrolyzed silk, corn silk, shea butter or cocoa butter. Just tea tree and cucumber water as the selling point of this shampoo/conditioner. It kind of provides a detangle and refreshing for my hair rather than making it nourishing or moisturizing. My hair is clean and smooth by just using the Drama Clean Shampoo, but using a conditioner is somehow a must for me, to make sure it does not go messy and frizzy when my hair dries. It smells exactly like the pairing shampoo, a crisp of green tea with tea tree scent and nothing fruity or fancy. You will know that it will surely make your hair feels/smells fresh and not to overpowering by just sniffing it. It comes in a creamy light green colour compares to the shampoo which is greener colour and transparent. It does not make my hair tangles or over-dries my hair after drying and straightening it with a flat iron. But, my hair shines and looks so much healthier than before. Honestly speaking, I do not know what is the magic ingredient in this shampoo/conditioner that manage to make my hair feels so much better and smoother compares to other moisturizing/nourishing/repairing/smoothing/hydrating shampoos that contain so much proteins, herbals/plants extracts and precious oils. But one little weakness that I do not really like about this conditioner, is the cooling effect on my hair and scalp. I do not mind the cooling effect as I feel much better and comfortable to wash my hair in such a hot and humid (I stay in Malaysia, no four seasons, only rains, suns and monsoon seasons whole year round.). But the cooling effect is too strong for my liking and I actually shiver and intend to wash it off after a short while. It is like you pour yourself icy cold water when you are naked in the shower. It is that kind of feeling on my scalp. However, I will just bear with it and let it sits on my hair for a few minutes when I am taking a bath at the same time. But anyhow, it is such a good product that I think you should give it a try if you need a clarifying conditioner that is not heavy or weigh down your hair. Love Herbal Essence so much - reasonable price, easy available in supermarkets and personal care stores and wonderful smells for sure!!

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