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Self Tanners -Banana Boat -Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion - Deep Dark Color

on 1/7/2019 12:09:00 AM


I love this stuff and it's cheap too! I have fair skin & have no problem using the deep dark color. The color looks natural (never orange) and best of all it doesn't take days for a tan. I apply it for 2 days in a row & it usually lasts 4-5 days. Any problems with streaking have been my fault & if you don't wash your hands really really well after applying you won't be happy. The only downside is if you have any sun spots it will make them darker.

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Sunscreen -Banana Boat -Simply Protect Baby Water-Based Sunscreen SPF 50

on 1/2/2019 10:37:00 PM


This is a very nice sunscreen for people with sensitive or acne-prone skin. After much trial and error, I learned my skin can’t handle most chemical sunscreens on the market, so I set out to find a good physical sunscreen (one that contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.)

This one works perfectly for me. It has never irritated my skin or caused breakouts, which is something I was always experiencing with chemical sunscreens. It also does not have that that classic greasy finish most sunscreens have, bless its little heart. People with dry skin will want to use a good moisturizer first, as it’s not emollient enough on its own, but those with oily skin should find it perfect. The one con, which is characteristic of all physical sunscreens, is that it tends to leave a white cast. Eventually, the white cast fades, but it’s something you should be aware of.

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Sunscreen -Banana Boat -Sport Performance Lotion SPF 30

on 12/7/2018 5:01:00 PM


So whenever I'm testing a new sunscreen I use it as a lotion on my face. Pleased to say this one did a very good job. It sank it fairly quickly, and it didn't leave a white cast on my skin. I didn't experience any breakouts. It worked well under my makeup as well. I did experience some dryness when using this, but it's not meant to be moisturizing, so I was okay with that. Also I had a teeny 1oz tube, which seemed to last me over a month. Since I was so impressed with the results on my face, I will definitely be repurchasing a larger tube for my body.

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Skincare - Body -Banana Boat -After Sun Lotion with Aloe

on 9/10/2018 9:57:00 AM


I borrowed this off a friend to soothe irritated skin and it was amazing. Instantly calming. I'll have to get my own.
(they may have updated the packaging-- the one I tried was a clear bottle with a yellow cap and translucent teal gel)

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Sunscreen -Banana Boat -Baby Sunscreen Lotion Spray SPF 50+

on 8/5/2018 1:31:00 AM

I've been using this for 2 years as I have extremely sensitive skin with rosacea and I adore it - it's all I use as a moisturizer, and it works well even when out for hours and hours in the harshest Australian summer sun provided you apply a decent amount, if I miss a tiny spot on my back there are distinct hand/finger marks where the burn starts so it does an amazing job.
I can't say how water resistant it is since I don't go swimming but it doesn't seem to sweat off.
It's pretty greasy and shiny but eh, can't win on every count - it doesn't make my skin freak out and stops it burning so 5/5 HG status it is :)

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