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Fragrances -Yves Saint Laurent -Mon Paris EDP

on 12/16/2018 8:50:00 PM


I received this perfume in a mini bottle as a gift with purchase. The scent lasts fairly long, but I didn't find anything too special about this perfume. It is a lovely smell and not too heavy nor too light. To me, it smells like a berry floral - but there's a million other fragrances imo that smell just about the same. I wouldn't repurchase for this reason, nothing memorable about it to make me continue to buy it. It is pretty but so are lots of scents.

Liquid -Yves Saint Laurent -All Hours Full Coverage Matte Foundation

on 12/13/2018 7:18:00 PM


I have broken capillaries from Lyme disease treatment and can't get IPL until it's gone (pray for me!) and needed something medium/full/fuller coverage that didn't look caked on my combo/oily T zone face.

I am 43 with the red face mentioned above (it almost looks like I just got done skiing and took off my goggles but much less enjoyable) and found this foundation in B20 over my HG Veil Mineral Primer to last a good 6/7 hours without a blot and then if I do blot/repowder I am good for another 4 (I haven't stayed up longer to find out. Lyme sucks.) But at least I look pretty when I want to!!

I would say this isn't for a dry skin. I had a little patch of dryness by my eyebrow and WOW it looked bad. I rubbed it with lotion and started over!
But for combo/oily gals....LOVES!!!

My husband asked the other day why I didn't put any make up on when we left the house? (He knows I am so sensitive about my red face and thinking I had finally solved a problem, he gently asked.)
So I use SkinCeutical Replenishing Cleanser
WitchHazel as a toner
Skin Ceuticals Eye Cream (have been using this for over a decade, it's damn expensive BUT if you DON'T use the pump and just dip an eyelash spoolie end into it, a tiny bit goes a long way and I can make a bottle last a year!)
Veil Mineral Primer
YSL All Hours Foundation
HG Veil Retouching Fluid on some stubborn red spots (if I have any that day)
Touché Eclat #1 for around the eyes
HG Setting Powder (I hope to be just using this someday! No more foundation!)
HG Ambient Lighting Edit #4
Eminence Lip Balm (faithful user of this for 8+ years! Try it!)

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Foundations -Yves Saint Laurent -Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow Tinted Moisturizer

on 12/12/2018 1:07:00 AM


I have combo skin and am 42yrs old but frequently am asked how I have kids in college 🤫 I never wore foundation until I got Lyme disease last year and started treatment and the broken capillaries on my face (for multiple reasons) make me look like I have a red mask on. So since IPL isn’t an option while being treated for Lyme (the meds make you uber-hyper sensitive to UV rays!!) I started my quest for a foundation that would look natural, yet help cover the redness.
I bought this in B10 and B20 unsure of how my oily T zone might oxidize (I read that was a thing) and gave it a whirl since the chic at Sephora made it look so good.
First time I used my HG Veil Primer (SPF people!! So important and one of the reasons I checked out YSL first) and a wet/wrung out beauty blender. Just don’t. Just put it down. Beauty blenders May be for some but with this formula it seemed to give it a grainy look. Then add more to hide grainy look. It was a disaster.
Second day (I’m home all day so I can look like crap for 8 hrs and wash my face when the sun is down and try again...
So second day. HG Veil Primer and a synthetic kabuki brush. Better application. I’d say I even did a great job at blending the B10 in the T zone and B20 around the contours. And then set with Laura Mercier setting powder translucent (also a new buy...and have since moved onto HG setting powder. So much better for me)
Any way I felt pretty darn beautiful for about 3 hours. And then I noticed after I blew my nose that Rudolf had shown up and I went the last hour at church looking like a flaming idiot and no one said a word. 😑 Bless their hearts.
Third try. Straight on the face after toner and it stayed better/lasted longer than with primer. 🙄
But still oil slick after 6 hours.
Back to Nordstroms to return those and bring home the YSL Cushion. B20. It seems to be my face color in a bottle. I’ll have to go review that. I am still using it with the HG Veil primer and Hg setting powder and HG finishing powders (oh man I love those!)
I did purchase the YSL All Hours In B20 and haven’t had an excuse to try it yet.
Anyone have any helpful tips on broken capillaries (I use witch hazel as a toner so one thing I’m already trying) I’m all ears! Or...red. I’m all red.

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Fragrances -Yves Saint Laurent -Opium

on 12/9/2018 11:15:00 AM


The current Opium doesn’t know what it wants to be. It smells as if the vintage version were sent through a disinfecting chamber to remove all of its character, and then doused with rubbing alcohol. Is this “modernizing”? Smells more like “cheapening” to me. Maybe YSL would have been better off just discontinuing Opium.

As for the vintage— magnificent yes, wearable no. I always found it to be like an amazing but very rich and intricate curry dish that should be saved for major occasions, and even then only in small portions. Unfortunately, women who loved Opium loved it every day, and in very large portions. It is indeed a beautiful masterpiece of a fragrance, but one that is so decadent and room-filling that it almost shouldn’t be worn.

Lips -Yves Saint Laurent -Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain 15 Rose Vinyl


I have thin lips, so I need to be careful about what I wear on them to not make them disappear. I tend to avoid very pigmented or opaque lip products for this reason, leaning towards tinted lip balms. Stains work pretty well for me, but lipsticks are generally a no-go. I would normally avoid a product like the YSL Glossy Stain, which resembles a cream lipstick to me, but I saw the reviews and had a gift card to a store that sells them, and picked it up in #15 Rose Vinyl.

This product is quite awesome and unlike any lip product I've used before. It's more opaque and creamy than a stain, longer lasting than a lip gloss or lipstick, not as shiny as a gloss, but not matte, either. The longevity is not quite as good as a typical stain for me - maybe about two hours (full disclosure, I drink coffee and water pretty much constantly), but in return the opaque formula makes your lips look a bit more even. While I wouldn't say it's particularly moisturizing, it's not drying either. I apply a light lip balm when I wake up which absorbs enough by the time I put on makeup, and that's more than sufficient to make sure my lips aren't uncomfortably dry when I apply Glossy Stain.

I have very pale, yellow-toned skin and the color looks great on me. In swatches it looks a bit too hot pink and vibrant to be wearable for me day-to-day, but I went by the reviews, and when I blot it a few times and it leaves me with a bright but subdued-enough-for-work rosy-pink.

I actually recently got a compliment on this lip color and a request for the name of it from a coworker. Having not much in the way of lips - so it's hard for my lips to be impressive enough for a compliment - this is quite unusual for me and a testament to this product.

In terms of repurchasing, I put down a 'yes' because I would like to, but the price makes it a bit iffy. It would be a 100% yes if it were cheaper. And I still might repurchase in spite of the price. I'm kind of curious about the other colors now, too.

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