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Lotions/ Creams -Queen Helene -Cocoa Butter Hand + Body Lotion

on 2/24/2019 5:03:00 PM


for some reason i've never caught on to the concept of travel sizes (in spite of always being on the go) but the travel size aisle in my favorite grocery store is where i found this lotion. the two-ounce tube was $.69, so a perfect price as well as the perfect size to have in my bag.

this lotion is pretty runny but i like the smell and it absorbs quickly. you can wash your hands once (maybe twice) before needing to reapply, which is impressive to me.

sometimes something simple and unsophisticated is just what you need, especially when you're out and about. keep your "good" creams at home and trust that this one will be just fine for errands and work days.

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Lotions/ Creams -Queen Helene -Cocoa Butter Face and Body Creme


As a day moisturizer, Helena is value for money and very hydrating.

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Scrubs -Queen Helene -Aloe Vera Facial scrub

Weird clingy thick rubbery jelly base with very fine, but very few scrubby pieces. Doesn't scrub, smooth or even clean. Makes my skin look and feel rougher, look more dull than before. Strongly fragranced with a soapy green scent that smells like foot cream or detergent. Gives a burning feeling to my sensitive combo occasional rosacea skin. Dries out my skin and I'm not even dry. Super annoying to remove. It coats the face so much like a gel-skin mask I can't shift it off in the shower with just hands. Needs a rough textured washcloth with lots of rubbing and rinsing to get it off.

Conditioner -Queen Helene -Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream

on 12/18/2018 7:09:00 PM


One of my favorite winter deep conditioners for my natural 4c type hair. This stuff has the consistency of buttery toothpaste and smells of mineral oil but its a staple for me when the weather is cold and dry. Its very cheap (around 3 or 4$ per tub) and accessible so you can pick it up at the local beauty supply/big box store or any well stocked hair supply store. Light yellow color but nothing that will stain your clothes. Its very thick so applying it on wet hair is a must. Very rich product so fine haired people of any texture may want to keep it pushing and leave this for thicker hair. I dont need this much in the hot summer but when that cold fall/winter air hits I break this stuff out after a shampoo. It also works well with other products so if you want to add an oil or mix with another conditioner for an extra treatment you can do that too. I leave this stuff on for at least 15 minutes but if I have time Ill go a full hour. Smells like miniral oil but it dosn't linger in the hair too much after rinsing it out. Plus my leave ins usually take over anyway since they are scented as well. My hair always feels moisturized but not greasy or weighed down after using this which is a big plus for me
An oldie but goodie for sure!

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Scrubs -Queen Helene -Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub

on 10/9/2018 7:16:00 AM


I saw this scrub in sale at high street cosmetics shop for about 3 pounds. I have been using for few weeks and not seen much difference. It is just an ok scrub to use and is gentle, not harsh but also means results not as good as other scrub such as St Ives or Biore. If you dont like strong scrubs this is for you. I will finish using and go back to Biore for sure as it was giving much better results.

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