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Recent Prestige Reviews

Lip Liners -Prestige -Lip Liner - Auburn

on 3/22/2018 5:15:00 AM


A very inexpensive but great quality lip liner. Very pigmented.

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Treatments (Eye) -Prestige -Eye Masque D`Escargot

on 2/27/2018 10:37:00 AM


I love what Mizon`s snail cream has done for my face, so I wanted to try these snail masks for my eyes. Unfortunately, these are less than impressive. They`re rather dry, with very little product on them. They sit on the eye well enough, but I don`t really feel like they do anything at all. Usually, after I`ve used other eye masks, there is some kind of brightening effect, however temporary. With these masks, it`s like I haven`t put anything on at all. Whether I use them or not, my under eye area looks and feels exactly the same. Needless to say, definite NO on repurchase.

Eyeliner -Prestige -Total Intensity Eyeliner Deepest Black

on 2/11/2018 1:45:00 AM


I bought deepest black but strangely if you try to sharpen it, good luck with that. It does not sharpen well. Lead inside the pencil is extremely soft to sharpen. I tried to freeze it before I sharpen luck. So if you don't mind spending $ 6 for using it only twice. It is not for me.

Eyeliner -Prestige -Waterproof Eyeliner


I bought one of these in the shade "Black" at my local Kmart for $3. The eyeliner has great pigmentation for the price! Whenever I use this to tight line my eyes and it faded throughout the day. It does the same on the waterline as well. The only good thing about this eyeliner is how pitch black it is. The waterproof claim isn't true and I wouldn't run out and buy this again.

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Mascara -Prestige -Total Intensity Beyond Lashes

on 6/8/2017 2:38:00 PM


Still looking for the best mascara to replace Loreal after their formula change. Interesting teardrop shaped brush, neither good nor bad. I personally prefer micro brushes but this is ok. This makes lashes very black, slightly longer with one coat. It flakes during application but didn't smudge during the day. I wish it washed off with soap and water. It's difficult to get off completely

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