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Eyeliner -Hard Candy -Stroke of Gorgeous eyeliner pencil-All colors

on 5/20/2018 5:54:00 PM


My go to for a black pencil is Belle Pierre waterproof. I like to tightline my upper lid, but leave my bottom lid plain (with my wrinkles and bags, the less going on down there, the better.) and it's hard to find a liner that can glide on without transferring. Since Belle Pierre is sometimes tough to find, and I was impressed with this brands liquid liner, I gave it a go. Goes on smooth and stays put. No transfer. And at the price point, it's a no Brainer. I just hope that the one that was left at the store isn't an indication of future selling out.

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Treatments (Eye) -Hard Candy -Sheer Envy Instant Eye Fix

on 5/10/2018 7:06:00 AM


I purchased this product a few days ago at Walmart for $6.00. I have some puffiness, dark circles every now and then, and a few light crow's feet. The puffiness is what bothers me the most. I keep this in the fridge to further cool the round, metal, convex applicator. It says it's a primer also but I use it over my usual primer and under my powder foundation. It seems to last even longer that way. (On days that I would have time to put on liquid foundation, I would choose apply it over that.) I squeeze out a little product, then using the metal applicator, make small triangles under my eyes. I tap it in with my fingers then tap any extra product onto my upper lids. I have been setting it with Wunder2's white but translucent Perfect Selfie Powder. (Also an excellent product btw and I will try to leave a review of it as well.) The product itself is very lightweight and buildable if you let it set between applications. It offers light-medium coverage. To my knowledge, it only comes in the light shade but it really blends, smooths and brightens my tan skin. I have super sensitive eyes and so far, Instant Eye Fix hasn't aggrivated them. The cooling effect seems to last a while. (It definitely helps to keep it in the fridge.) It compliments my coffee by making me look and feel more awake in the mornings. I will definitely purchase this product again.

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Liquid -Hard Candy -Glamoflauge Invisible Camouflage Foundation

on 5/9/2018 6:17:00 PM


From reading previous reviews, I am absolutely shocked by the fact I really love this product! I have worn it all day and even sat in a hot car for an hour without running into any issues. I was expecting this product to slip around my face after sweating, but my face is still intact. As someone who is quite pale and has a yellow hue (I am very cool toned!), this formula in shade porcelain was absolutely perfect. When I swatched it yesterday before trying it on, it looked quite white and appeared to not be the correct color for me. I was, however, quite wrong.

In the past I have used Maybeline's Fit Me Matte + Poreless (which was my favourite but not cruelty-free) and Rimmel London's Stay Matte (which is also not cruelty-free). Both of these products worked for me but Hard Candy's Glamoflauge has really taken the cake. If the products I mentioned before worked for you, I would highly recommend this product. First use a moisturizer and apply with a wet sponge for the best application.

Shade: Porcelain
-Long wear (8+ hours)
-Looks natural, not "cakey"
-Light to medium coverage
-Perfect for cool toned individuals
-Horrific scent
-Lightly sticks to dry patches
-Not for full coverage individuals

I update my reviews if my opinion changes!

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Lips -Hard Candy -Velvet Matte Mousse Lip Color

on 5/3/2018 12:21:00 PM


Found these on clearance. Bought wisteria and it was beautiful. Although it says matte it only dries about 85% and the rest is a velvety feel. It does stain skin a bit when removed so i took one step further and used soap and it all came off. Color was true on me but does ruffle a bit if not applied heavy on corners of mouth. My second color was hydrangea is was also pretty but not color expected. It shade looks more of a gray. I would buy them again since they dont get too dry looking.

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Lipstick -Hard Candy -Fierce Effects Lipstick - All Colors

on 4/24/2018 12:12:00 AM


PROS: Even coverage, nice colour selection that suits a variety of complexions, non drying, easy application, nice formula, grape fragrance doesn't linger too long (thank goodness).

CONS: Wears off easily if a person eats or has a beverage, but I still love it and reapply.

I will continue to purchase this and bought two more colours today.

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