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Fragrance -Calvin Klein -Obsession For Men

on 1/8/2019 5:49:00 PM


I worship the original CK Obsession for women that was released in the early 80s. I've no interest in the current version of that fragrance because I've found it to be wimpy and not comparable to the original.

That said, I don't believe that the concurrent CK Obsession for Men was this lavender-heavy in the 1980s. However, whether it was reformulated or not, I really, really, REALLY like the version that is out now, and I didn't expect to like it at all.

FWIW, I shun the reform version of CK Obsession for Her, but I absolutely love this reform of CK Obsession for Men. I am generally a purist when it comes to Obsession, and I generally loathe lavender, but this formulation is straight-up fantastic, lasts for days, and is worthy of purchase. It lasts on me for a couple of days and is completely intriguing the whole time.

Didn't expect to like the revamp, but I do, and I highly recommend it. But be aware that if you're looking for the old-school men's version, this might not be it.

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Fragrances -Calvin Klein -Eternity for Women

on 12/31/2018 12:15:00 PM


This is a classic! Clean, preppy, soft yet it lasts!!! Calvin's are nice perfumes! Escape, euphoria, ckin2u all clean and refreshing and sexy!

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Fragrances -Calvin Klein -Euphoria

on 12/30/2018 2:51:00 AM


Unfortunately I abused vanillas as a young girl, so now anything with even a hint of it smells like 90% vanilla to me. If this turns into a repetitive "so much vanilla" review, bare in mind I cannot tell if it isn't simply me being hyperosmic to it.

That said, even to my nose, this vanilla is gratefully blended into a very warm accord with LOTS of amber, some red wood, rosehip jam, persimmmon, and inoffensive patchouli. Very warm, cozy winter scent with lots of comfort scent potential. Very comfortable in colder months (have never tried it in warmer weather).

I don't get much pomegranate until later, and generally don't really get the opening notes, they're a confusing mix of everything to me (happens with many perfumes to me though), but that settles into a discernible scent soon. The fruity and flowery notes are unusual to me- I think it was here someone made the comparison that's been going through my mind all along and that I couldn't agree with more- if fruits in Poison are soaked in heady wine, the flowers here are completely drenched in amber. I personally really appreciate this effect. Deep black orchids poured with amber, with an overall sweet woodsy ambery feel. If I could take the vanilla out of the amber, I would.

I'm not entirely crazy about it though, to me it lacks something that would make you hooked, but it's pleasant enough and wearable if you're not categorically opposed to sweet warm scents.

I'm conflicted about the sillage and longevity as for the first half of the bottle it was an exceptionally fleeting fragrance on me. It wasn't until I sprayed it on my knits that this turned into a long lasting scent that projected at all. On thick fabrics, it lasts days.

It does not layer well, as a tiny spritz of this completely overpowers any other scent.

The bottle I think is ridiculous and inconvenient, but I'll live.

Won't be a repurchase for me, because I try to stay away from fragrances with a vanilla presence and because, while good and interesting, it didn't wow me. Recommended to lovers of warm comfort scents, and obviously, vanilla.

Fragrances -Calvin Klein -Reveal

on 10/8/2018 5:20:00 PM

Very very sheer, unsweet iris with pale musk elements. I like it a lot but it’s just about not there. I soaked my wrist in it and got a sticky spot because I had on so much, but it’s a true skin scent and doesn’t project much, except for a suggestion of sugared vanilla at moments through the day. I like it well enough, but not sure if it’s worth getting a bottle or not. It’s not screamingly special, though it is very nice.

Fragrances -Calvin Klein -CK One Red For Her

on 7/26/2018 1:42:00 AM

I was not expecting much from this scent but I am very pleasantly surprised. I bought a bottle of it on a lark because it was so cheap and I'm glad I did. The top note is definitely watermelon but shortly after that delicate little floral notes start to emerge. They smell so dainty and nice. Also I don't know why this is called For Her. So what if it does have floral notes. It still smells just as unisex as any of the other CK One fragrances. Well.....maybe not quite as unisex as the others cuz of those darn cute little florals in this scent. The bottle is nice too with red lettering on the bottle. All in all very good job Calvin Klein and a very nice little scent. Projection and lasting power is pretty good too.

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