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Blush -Bourjois -Peche Vitaminee 36

on 11/9/2018 2:30:00 PM


What a pity that this beautifull product is almost nowhere available now. I really think this was a master piece of bourjois. Everytime it came in the shop the next day it was sold out. While the other ones were still there. It is so beautifull on a coloured skin. The glitter is elegant, the smell amazing. Absolutely fabulous. I know a lot of woman around me who wished that this product was still on the market

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Liquid -Bourjois -City Radiance foundation

on 11/7/2018 1:15:00 AM


so great
that’s awesome
good job

Liquid -Bourjois -Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

on 11/1/2018 12:31:00 PM


Really like how it looks on my skin however unfortunately it does not last that well on my skin. Usually by around the 5 hour mark I'll start to see it breaking up on my skin. Could be due to the fact that my cheeks get really warm at times though

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Lipstick -Bourjois -Eclat de Rire

on 10/20/2018 5:25:00 PM

Éclat de Rire means Peals of Laughter. :D

I have Ciel Mon Mari, a pretty pearly pale blue. The name means Heavens, My Husband. ;)

The color-keyed packaging with its little raised gold dots is well made and attractive. It feels sturdy and secure. The color is very sheer and needs a heavy hand to make it show up: primer, concealer, or foundation is obviously required. It feels wonderful during and after application, though - V smooth and V creamy. I applied it to some really sad dry lips, and immediately they felt - and still feel - very soft and much happier. It's also surprisingly tenacious for such a creamy lippie.

sonicRED complained about the scent, and I sure don't blame her. Its 1970s cheap drugstore lipstick fragrance is unpleasant . It doesn't linger, and I am thankful. The taste does indeed hang about, more's the pity! I may have to apologize to my BF when I kiss him while wearing this.

It just arrived today, from a US ebay seller, and I haven't yet worn it while out n about. If it draws comments and/or compliments, this review will be edited. It will also be edited if I fall in love/hate with it. Despite its good points I am currently relieved that it didn't cost $12.99, and that my BF did not purchase two. : / My glittery fuchsia Bourjois Docteur Glamour lipstick is far superior, though less creamy - a lifetime's supply would be welcome!

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Eyeliner -Bourjois -Liner Pinceau in Brun Graphique

on 10/17/2018 4:13:00 PM


What a great eyeliner! The liquid formula is magic and/or the brush is fine & high quality so that I can get a fine, smooth line across crepe-y lids. I got some IT Cosmetics hero liquid eyeliner on sale at Ulta recently and, although it is good, I won't be repurchasing, as the Bourjois product is far superior. I have tried Bobbi Brown gel, everything MAC, Kat Von D liquid eyeliner, and this product beats them all IMO. Now I've signed up for a subscription with Amazon to get one every two months ;)

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