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Blush -Annabelle -Perfect Blush - Spring Petal

on 4/20/2018 7:55:00 PM


I’ve never really liked or even been remotely drawn to peach shades of blush but something about this one piqued my curiosity. It comes in a no-fuss type of packaging. A simple acrylic round container just large enough to hold the blush and nothing else. The shade is a coral peach, very fresh looking and the name describes it perfectly. “Spring Petal” - exactly a shade I love to see in bloom during springtime. Texture of the blush is typical, not overly buttery soft and also does not kick up any powder when swatching or dipping a blush brush into it. Applies easily and I would recommend a light hand as it is quite pigmented. I find myself reaching for this often this time of year, it is cheerful and cheap and a nice change from the pink/mauve tones I’ve been drawn to in past.

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Brows -Annabelle -Skinny Brow Liner

on 4/11/2018 7:48:00 PM


Feels like a dupe for the Sephora Brow Pencil. It has the same crazy comb end instead of a spoolie. But you know something, I am really digging this brow liner. It is ultra skinny which is the only type of brow liner I seem to be able to master. Maybe because my brows don’t require a lot of filling in, maybe because I am just super clumsy and can’t control the tear drop or triangular shaped pencil ends. Regardless of the reason this one just works for me. I purchased the Universal Dark shade which is a medium/dark brown but could be deeper in tone in my opinion. The texture is sufficiently soft yet waxy enough that it draws on easily, is smooth but still lasts all day long. I’d rate this 4.5 lippies (half a point off for the comb end vs spoolie) but have rounded up because it has a wide variety of shades, is long lasting and the formula performs extremely well. Bonus points for being cruelty-free, affordable (drug store) and Canadian made!

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Eyeliner -Annabelle -Kohl Pencil in Taupe

on 3/13/2018 9:34:00 PM

I haven't liked most Annabelle products I tried, but I was looking for a taupe eyeliner and this is the only one I found. Black or dark brown eye pencils now look too harsh on me at my age. This gives a perfect understated eye makeup when used with mascara. It doesn't drag on the skin too much when I warm it on my hand for a second. I use the side of the pencil, not the point. I also go over it with a tiny bit of eyeshadow for a smokier eye.

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Mascara -Annabelle -Skinny Mascara

on 2/22/2018 1:01:00 PM

As I am getting older, I prefer lengthening my lashes rather than volume. This mascara does the trick. The brush is ideal for applying the product on the lashes without clumping, even for a makeup challenged individual like myself. It also lasted throughout the day even after working out. This mascara will be a permanent fixture in my makeup bag.

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Eyeliner -Annabelle -Smoothliners

on 2/14/2018 9:00:00 PM


Pros : very smooth application
very good price (5$CAD at walmart)
Cons : does transfer a bit (I have very oily eyelids)
needs to be sharpened (i hate wasting products)

I have navy blue (meteorite?), nice color on my asian fair yellow undertone skin.
Will not repurchase simply because I'm a liquid liner girl. Those used to sharpen their eyeliners: you may wanna give this a try.

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