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4 months ago

This is a nice straightening brush. It's not going to give you the same look as a flat iron but it's definitely going to do a good job smoothing curly hair while leaving volume. Would likely do an amazing job on wavy hair. Love how quick and easy it is to use. Really great if you have difficulty with your roots. I find the back of my head looks much smoother when I use this but the ends looks better with the flat iron. Would repurchase.

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2 years ago

I read good reviews of this on Sephora and Amazon. Watched some youtube reviews that were convincing. Thought I'd take a chance because I could always return it. Cheapskate me found it on ebay for $70 with a month return window. The brush came today -it is holy grail material for me. I have thick, wavy hair that looks great blown out. Looks good natural if I'm having a good hair day. (one day out of 4 is good) Thing is, and this might just be my quirk, my natural collar bone length hair feels heavy and kind of drives me crazy when it's down. I'm always putting it up when it's natural so it doesn't matter if it is a good hair day or not. Blown out my hair feels light and manageable and I don't mind having it down. I hate blow drying my hair. It's ok occasionally but every other day such a chore. Straightening iron is easier but doesn't give the volume I get w/a blow dryer. Plus I think it's somewhat damaging if I use it all the time. I've also tried keratin treatment but wasn't happy with it. The Amika gave me the look I get with blown out hair but it's so easy and fast! I like some body and movement but if I wanted to I could also get it stick straight. Unless this turns out to be excessively damaging I think I've finally found my hair solution.

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