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10 months ago

I received this product as samples (1.4 ounce, pack of 2. Each bottle lasted me about 2-3 times which isn't bad considering I have long, thick hair) over a year ago and finally decided to use it and I'm not disappointed. First of all, it didn't actually give me more volume at all which is unfortunate, but its foam nature was so fun that it made up for the lack of actual function. IT WAS SO FUN! The foam was very dense and soft, pumping it out of the bottle onto my hand was my favorite part. Putting it on my hair was alright, it didn't leave my hair feeling conditioned and moisturized like a regular conditioner would because well, the foam was quite light and not nourishing and seemed to disappear in my hair. Although I'm not sure if it's all in my mind but my hair did feel a little lighter after applying it. Just be aware that the smell was very strong and sweet, like candy. Also, the cap of the bottle was a bit annoying to take off and put on again (I know, first world problem), and the pump of the second bottle broke when I was trying to squeeze out its last bits, lol. Regardless, I might get this product in the future again just so I could have some fun while in the shower!

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2 years ago

Received a sample size of Pantene foam sheer volume conditioner at CVS recently. Used it yesterday, but did not realize it was conditioner. I thought it was a mousse, therefore I did not rinse it out. I was quite happy with my curly short locks once my hair dried. It was quite bouncy and not too soft. I slept on it and it was still nice and bouncy the next day. I ventured outside in not so nice weather with the humidity quite high at about 80%. I was shocked that my hair did not turn into cotton candy as it usually does. My hair just curled more but there was no frizz. I was shocked as this really never happened before. It was not until later in the day, while leafing thru a magazine, I saw this Pantene foam advertised and realized that it was conditioner that should have been rinsed out. I immediately ordered a full-sized one from CVS and have every intention of using it regularly and never rinsing it out ????.

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2 years ago

There are many great things about this formula, which I was drawn to try based on the recommendation of the Muse, but I would not purchase this again. The bottle is fine; it's a nice narrow size which is great for keeping in your wet hands in the shower, though it's separate cap is annoying. I don't have a ledge to put it on in the shower and in a steamy bath without my glasses it's the tiny kind of thing that could basically become invisible. But that's a mere quibble in my quest to force the beauty world to begin using more functional flip-caps. It has clear, somewhat-larger-than-normal directions (as a nod to none of us wearing our contacts in the shower!) that are clear, although it doesn't fully absorb, so I think it's step 3 (something like "let absorb into the hair, then rinse") that's kind of confusing - oh well, its conditioner, right? It applies beautifully and rinses beautifully and it does what it says on the tin. My hair feels insanely soft and has a little lift. It could be construed as "fluff," but it's a good start if you have flat hair. And my hair does feel really very soft. So I feel like a 70s glamour queen, but I'm not going to buy it again? Nope. The smell! Come on, Proctor and Gamble! I go to considerable expense and effort to smell or not smell a particular way, and this, dry, 10 hours after I washed it yet am still reeking hair is not what I want to smell like. They'd been doing such a good job of starting to put out unscented products (which I buy) that I totally forgot they love their perfume a bit too much. So I will pass this product along to a friend or something because this is too dang much smell and that's a crying shame because this stuff works so well. ETA: just handed it off to someone and noticed that this has parabens in it. Be aware.

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