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Recent PANTENE Reviews

Hair -PANTENE -Heat Protector Spray

on 1/13/2019 3:08:00 PM


No, no, no! Horrible. The pump broke on the first use. The product itself left my hair greasy and sticky. Going back to my HG TreSemme Keratin Heat Protectant.

Conditioner -PANTENE -Pro-V Blends Micellar Hair Conditioner

on 1/12/2019 8:10:00 PM


The bottle shown above isn't the foam conditioner. Pantene has two micellar conditioner varieties right now: the gentle moisturizing milk (cream conditioner) and the foam. I personally hated the foam since it felt like I applied nothing to my hair, but THIS product is great. It feels somewhat thin and doesn't seem rich enough at first, but my hair is smoothed out and silky after rinsing. I have to use 5 pumps since I have a lot of hair, but others could probably use less. The scent is strong, but I love it since it's a very clean floral perfume smell. I had to adjust to it when I first started using it, and now it's normal for me. I got this on sale for $7 at Walmart (normally around $10) for 17.9 oz., which is a fair deal to me. You can find my review for the shampoo on here as well if you're curious about that. They make a great pair for my hair type (oily roots, fine hair texture, but a lot of hair that can tangle/dry out on the ends).

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Shampoo -PANTENE -Pro-V Blends Micellar Shampoo

on 1/9/2019 2:09:00 PM


I've kept coming back to this since I have oily roots and tons of fine hair. Many shampoos weigh it down or strip it completely (I HATE volumizing shampoos), but this makes it soft, shiny, and clean. I really appreciate that this causes zero buildup for me. Sometimes I have a bit more tangles after the shower than I'd like, but they aren't a deal breaker. This is also bound to happen since I have a lot of hair anyway. Yes, the scent is strong, but I personally love it. I think it smells like a floral perfume scent, but check if you like it in the store before buying! I've just gotten the conditioner that goes with it and will update how it is paired with that :)

Update 1/12/19: I've been using this a couple days with the conditioner and it helps a lot with the tangles! At first I applied it to my hair and wasn't sure it was rich enough for me, but my hair was smoothed out after I rinsed. I have to use about 5 pumps since I have a lot of hair to cover, but it does wonders. When used together, they make my hair soft, shiny, and take some frizz away. I even got a compliment on my hair from a cashier at Ulta! I think I'll be sticking with these products for a while.

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Conditioner -PANTENE -Gold Series Moisture Boost Conditioner

on 12/29/2018 3:28:00 PM


Watery given the packaging. I expected a thick cream with the packaging, but this wasn't. I rarely buy product in plastic tapered squeeze bottles because I can't recycle them. Usually those products are quite thick, thus the un-recyclable packaging. However, this is quite watery for price too. It seems adequate as a conditioner. Not thick enough for my hair, but I can't return it because I didn't get a receipt. If I am going to leave a bottle in a landfill for 500 years, I expect better quality from the product inside.

Hair -PANTENE -Cleansing Conditioner

on 12/17/2018 3:12:00 AM

This is my favorite cleansing conditioner. Pantene really seems to work with my thick, dry hair. I know people like to shout "SILICONES" and wave torches but hey, use whatever works best for you. This leaves it soft and manageable and frizz free. Not dirty and oily like Unwash and other brands. I can actually use this a few days in a row and not feel a desperate urge to shampoo. I don't have to use leave in conditioner to cut down on frizz and dryness either which is huge for me. To find a one stop shop hair product is pretty miraculous.

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