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Conditioner - PANTENE - Sheer Volume Foam Conditioner

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Received a sample size of Pantene foam sheer volume conditioner at CVS recently. Used it yesterday, but did not realize it was conditioner. I thought it was a mousse, therefore I did not rinse it out. I was quite happy with my curly short locks once my hair dried. It was quite bouncy and not too soft. I slept on it and it was still nice and bouncy the next day. I ventured outside in not so nice …Read more

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Moisturizers - By Terry - Creme de Rose

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Received a sample in my monthly Birch Box. I used it last night and actually forgot that I had done so. Next day, I'm putting on my face makeup and noticed that I used less. Mineral blush went on so smoothly. After applying all my makeup, I looked again at my skin and it was smooth and luminous. was the Creme de Rose. I went on line to see that it was $99 for one oz. Ouch! …Read more

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