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2 years ago

Straight up: I bought this at Costco with the full intention of trying it, finding it didn't work, & returning it. While I am the "ideal candidate" with pale skin & dark hair, I have not had success with hair removal in the past, including 8 session of professional laser hair removal in the mid-2000's. I have coarse, black leg hair that I can shave in the morning & feel stubble at the first sign of goosebumps or at least by 3pm. Directions say to use this, on freshly shaved skin, every two weeks. I understand about the growth cycle of hair, but I am on a different time line people, my body hair is something else. I decided to do it every week. I used it on underarms, bikini line, & full leg. PROS: At the 6 week mark, I noticed that only some of my leg hair was growing back! There were large strips where there was no hair. Underarm & bikini line hair are notably reducing. This is definitely working for me. If it broke right now, I would buy another & keep going as I've already gotten better results than I would have through pro laser for less cost. I expect at some point less frequent treatments will be necessary, but at the rate I'm going, I will only need to shave once a week, instead of daily, this summer. WHAT!?!?!. As it is right now: the stubble I could feel by 3pm the day of shaving the same day isn't even there the next day, & then after that, only some is there. I'm hoping this is also soon to mean I won't have the little dots where the hairs were, showing even after a fresh shave. Perhaps sensitivity varies, I don't really feel anything other than a tiny warm zap, no pain. A couple of tiny zingers in my arm pit. CONS: so, I guess the reason the pattern of my leg hair regrowth is because the window, with which the hair gets zapped, is a rectangle, housed in a larger rectangle handle...this does not corner well my friends. So, it is very easy to use on fleshier parts. On my lower legs, I have turned the nozzle lengthwise so it would "zap", it won't zap unless the whole screen is in contact with your bony shins, areas around ankles, etc can be a real challenge to get to. Also, it is possible that I have gone over certain areas more than once during a treatment session because I do whole body each time & sometimes loose track. My goal now is to figure out how to better get those areas that are still having a joyous life. I experienced a little bit of unusual itching after about the 4th treatment. I think it might be related. I have decided to manually exfoliate with a body brush & to occasionally use an AHA body lotion, in case that might help, In any case, the itching was only for a couple of days & hasn't returned so far. I really recommend trying this, particularly if you are pale/dark haired. I paid around $300CAD at Costco. I ordered it online. You don't even have to have a Costco membership to do this. You can return it if you don't find it working for you.

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4 years ago

I read some rave reviews for this product on the boards, so I took a chance and picked it up during a Costco sale online. They also have a generous return policy, so I knew I could always return it if it didn't work out. I'm so glad I did, because this failed me big time. Let me say that I'm supposedly the perfect candidate for this type of hair removal system-- pale skin, with very dark hair. I tried using this on various areas (underarms, legs and bikini area) and followed the package's directions for months. I saw no difference in my hair growth. This was such a disappointment because I had been hoping to save countless $$ on shaving and waxing over the long haul. What I did experience was an intense burning sensation & itching that developed in my underarms, which lasted for a couple months even after I stopped using this product. Not cool. I did some research and apparently this can be a side effect from IPL and laser treatments, even if you follow the directions & do everything perfectly. Needless to say, this was not my favorite product & I would not recommend it.

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