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a year ago

Hello ladies, just a word of caution for you protein sensitive types. Rene Furterer has 2 versions of this hair mask. What is pictured and another called Karite Nutri. The Nutri version has protein in it, so if you are avoiding protein as I am, don't buy the new version. (Oh, and in case you don't know Castrol Oil is protein.)As for the mask itself, it is very good moisture for the hair, the old version is harder to find, but I will continue to use it until they discontinue it.

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Age56 & Over

SkinOily, Dark, Cool

HairBlack, Kinky, Fine


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2 years ago

This is literally the best thing I've ever put on my hair. It restores my curls to the quality they were when I was a child. I did the big chop a couple years ago and stopped coloring it and while I saw an improvement I thought my natural curl was just lost forever or had changed a lot. Nope. Just needed this stuff!

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2 years ago

This is a great mask! I keep repurchasing !

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SkinCombination, Medium, Warm

HairBrown, Straight, Medium


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3 years ago

First, this is a great product. It has nourished and hydrated my bone dry hair. When I thought nothing would. But alas, I am poor. I have found other products which are exponentially cheaper. And they are equally effective. So therefore I no longer spend my meager earnings on these products. I use coconut and argan oil on the regular. And my hair has never been healthier. In summary, yes this is a great product. If you are rich. But I have found a cheaper way.

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SkinCombination, Dark, Warm

HairGrey, Kinky, Medium


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4 years ago

Yes, it's ridiculously expensive for a hair treatment but it pains me to tell you, it's not only worth every penny and every repurchase, but also all those hours you spent soaking in coconut oil, shea butters and the like. This mask is the perfect love child of nature and science. As per my stylist's advice, I've been using it with every shampoo, as opposed to once a week, as my brittle hair was in desperate need of restoration. Every fine-haired girl's two major concerns with keratin-restoring and shea butter treatments: 1) Adverse effect of keratin build up: hair loses its newly regained flexibility and becomes even more brittle. 2) Shea butter is a heavy volume-killer. My stylist assured me that my hair practically drank it up during the initial application, therefore it needed all the help it could get. I obliged and two weeks later I'm glad to report that my hair has been finally restored to a very satisfactory state: hair brittleness diminished by 80%, tangling is non-existent and it air-dries smooth. It finally feels nourished and luxuriously heavy, so I now rely on serums for heat protection only. A little goes a long way; be sure to take your time working it into every strand. Your shower steam and a little bit of time will do the rest. Although I will still continue with oiling rituals, I have to admit that science wins this one. when The convenience and desired end result of this product can't be beat, so it's only logical to pay close to $60 for something that works rather than spend $5-$15 on multiple products you abandon and hoard, then end up shelling out for pro products anyway. *Update Dec 7, 2015* I'm at the bottom!!! *crying emoji* Happy to report that my hair is still lovely, soft, manageable and not "overfed". Final math: $60 stretched over 60 days of use 3-5 times a week on long, fine hair. No skin sensitivities, no product residue, no new split ends (full disclosure: I haven't oiled even once since I wrote the original review). Most importantly, no more tangling, thus no more need to rely on additional hair products. I am indebted to Marina of Caprice Hair Studio in Toronto for introducing me to this brand and I'm looking forward to try the overnight mask next, as I was told it's even more popular than this one. **UPDATE MAY 10, 2016** Still a great mask! Now that my hair is more nourished, I don't have to use it as frequently. This time I purchased a 250 ml tube, thinking it would be easier to use in the shower, thanks to its push-open tight seal cap, but it was actually tricker to use than the screw-top jar. If your scalp is prone to dryness, try this mask on your roots every now and then, it's very hydrating. ***UPDATE FEB 5, 2017*** I really missed this stuff and wish I didn't stop using it, as it gradually improves your hair and you need less of it with each use. It restored my brittle, dehydrated and coarse hair in 3 applications, my hopelessly frayed ends now appear acceptable. Bad news: they changed the scent formula so make sure to apply your best smelling hair serum after. My hair is soft, it detangles easily and static has reduced drastically. Despite being ultra-rich, it doesn't kill volume and it does the job within 5-10 minutes of advised treatment time, so it's perfect for quick showers. It rinses quickly, as most if it is absorbed by your hair. If your hair is overprocessed, your first application may feel like a matted mess, but by second and third treatment you will see rapid improvement. Make sure to comb through, otherwise you won't achieve even nourishment and hair will come out matted.

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SkinAcne-prone, Fair-Medium, Warm

HairBlond, Straight, Fine


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