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It's a 10

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Hair Treatments -It's a 10 -Miracle Leave-In Product

on 5/15/2019 2:24:00 PM


This product is just ok in my opinion. It is expensive for what you are getting because it is just a leave in conditioner. Other leave in conditioners do the same at a cheaper cost. The only reason why it might be beneficial is the get the one with keratin because it's a rarity to on the market to find a leave in with keratin. My biggest problem is and why I returned it is the smell. It doesn't smell bad, but the scent is just really strong and it lingers in my hair all day. It causes me to get migraines!

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Shampoo -It's a 10 -Miracle Moisture Shampoo

on 4/23/2019 6:59:00 PM


UPDATE: Just moved down to two lippies. The Miracle Moisture shampoo and the Conditioner from It's a 10 line is just now so-so products. I found that the shampoo doesn't lather up well and the conditioner doesn't moisturize my hair well enough either after prolonged use. I use alot of heat with blow drying and flat ironing, so it made my hair frizzy and weird after flat ironing. I exchanged for Pureology Hydrate Sheer shampoo and conditioner and WOW I'm really impressed. Works well with my flat iron to pin straight hair that looks so smooth and glossy. The Hydrate Sheer formula is so concentrated that I need very little product. I figure it will last twice as long as the Its a 10 line.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I'm surprised this doesn't have higher ratings here on Makeupalley. This shampoo and the matching conditioner are great products!!! I think some of the bad reviews are obviously by people who know nothing about how sulfate free shampoos work. Sulfate free shampoos CAN make you hair feel dry or "feel like hay" when you first use it and it is totally normal. This is because you hair isn't used to non sulfate formula. Just give it a week or so your hair will get used to it. Trust me!! Other than that this the BEST shampoo and conditioner is have used so far. It just makes my hair so easy to style and feels sooo soft and silky and smooth after I flat iron. I can't stop touching my hair folks!

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Styling Products -It's a 10 -Miracle Defrizzing Gel

on 4/14/2019 8:04:00 PM


This stuff is great. As I have aged, I've gotten really wiry grays at my temples and ears - you know, lovely for face framing. Not. NOTHING has helped these kinky rebellious strands that stick out from the rest of my hair. I've tried smoothing shampoos & gels, volumizing shampoos, got2b glued to plaster them down, hairspray, you name it. Guess what? This product works great on my fine hair, doesn't leave it greasy. I put a dimes worth over my crown hairs including bangs, then blow dry, and they are tamed. I have repurchased the tube. Yes, this is ridiculously expensive, but considering the tube lasts for 6 months, it's not too bad

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Hair Treatments -It's a 10 -Miracle Hair Mask

on 4/8/2019 3:34:00 PM


I bought this after reading a blogger's post how this stuff saved her hair when she went platinum blonde. I didn't go platinum blonde. I went from black to lighter brown. Four levels I think my stylist said. So, bleach. I applied a healthy scoopful all over every time I washed my hair, put a shower cap on, let it do its thing while I finished my shower. I think it helped some. My hair didn't look or feel dry. It looked pretty smooth and felt soft. Was easy to get a comb through. It's pricey at $36CDN. I like the flip lid; very convenient in the shower. No distinct or lingering scent. I don't know if I'd repurchase. I wasn't as wowed by the results as I think I should have been by a product this expensive. But like all things, YMMV.

Hair Treatments -It's a 10 -Miracle Leave-In Lite

on 12/3/2018 2:16:00 PM


I’m not sure why other women would prefer the original version over this one. It’s very light, smells good, doesn’t cause build up, doesn’t dry frizzy, detangles my hair and the product actually seems to work for days at a time. Meaning I don’t have to shampoo or condition my hair in the shower because it’s already soft and clean from this leave In. I prefer this version over the original solely on smell difference and consistency. I have thin brittle frizzy hair for context. And I definitely would recommend to a friend. I only took one lippy off price because it is rather expensive. But very worth it in my opinion.

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