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6 years ago

My review today is for the Wet N Wild pencil eyeliner... Color Icon in the shade of green. I purchased this pencil eyeliner at Rite Aid for 0.59 cents on sale, so I wasn't expecting miracles or anything. However, unlike the other reviews for other Color Icon shades that complain the formula was too dry, this eyeliner had the opposite problem. It was so "mushy" that the instant it touched my eyes the sharpening I did was gone. I sharpened a good 30 percent of the pencil off through this one use between losing the point and the end falling out when removing it from the sharpener due to being mushy. PROS: - Cheap - Good amount of pigment CONS: - Difficult to use - Will probably only last a couple uses I think I'm going to go back into the bathroom and smudge this eyeliner because I'm not happy with it with my usual eyeliner style. I think this is good for a bit of color for a smoky, smudged look, but not if you want something clean and precise. For less than a dollar, it does it's job and it's okay, but it's no miracle product that came from Mount Olympus and you don't know why it's under a dollar.

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Styles change quickly in the beauty world, but something you can always count...

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