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Recent Vaseline Reviews

Other -Vaseline -Petroleum Jelly with cocoa butter

on 3/10/2018 5:29:00 PM


I don’t think there’s actually much cocoa butter in this— it’s probably about 95% petroleum jelly— but it smells AMAZING and that’s why I like it better than regular Vaseline. I’ve always liked Vaseline for many basic skincare purposes (chapped lips, cracked hands and feet, even dry facial skin in winter); the Cocoa Butter version has a light but delicious French vanilla-cocoa scent that makes it a real pleasure to use!

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Lip Treatments -Vaseline -Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

on 2/28/2018 6:07:00 PM

My lips are soft and and supple when I use this
. It stays on during drinking water . I have to reapply after eating
I don't like that its in a pot , I would prefer a lipstick type tube .

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Lip Treatments -Vaseline -Lip Therapy (mini jar) - Cocoa Butter


I came across this lovely jar a few years ago. I was using Nivea back then and I needed to find a better replacement for my pouty lips. I read reviews, searched everywhere to look for my Princess Charming. And then I found it, first love of my lips :) Though it's purely petroleum, which I find quite controversial, it's still a must-have item on my collection. It moisturizes my lips well but leaves a glossy layer, so I mostly use it at night, before going to sleep, or sometimes when I'm in class and need some moisture (if I'm keen enough to clean my hand LOL). Two things I don't like about this cute jar: 1) It's in a jar, 2) The smell is quite annoying. Hope this will help you choose your own lip balm :) XOXO

Lip Treatments -Vaseline -Lip Therapy - Rosy Lips

on 2/21/2018 2:02:00 AM


I am a lipstick junkie and I always were matte shades the kind that really dry your lips out so I tried this and I luv it very moisturizering it's a lil thicker then regular Vaseline but really does help when your lips take a beating I definetly recomend

Lotions/ Creams -Vaseline -Deep Moisture Jelly Cream

on 2/3/2018 12:05:00 AM


I had high hopes for this because I know Vaseline products to be very rich and emollient, but this really let me down. First off, I was really surprised at just how light the cream is. I mean, it is a barely scented jelly, but it feels more like a whipped mousse. I apply immediately after getting out of my bath and after partially drying my body with a towel, leaving just enough moisture to help lotions sink better into the skin. This method works great for all the creams and oils I generally use. What I noticed with this jelly is that it seems to slide all over the place easily, but I never felt it quite penetrated the skin. After I use my Palmer`s cocoa butter or The Body Shop Shea butter in this manner, my skin feels hydrated and even when I take my bath the next day, I can still feel these products working. But not this Vaseline jelly. I just don`t think it`s even hydrating enough for a regular summer day, never mind for the cold winter season. Not repurchasing.

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