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Brows -Sugar Cosmetics -Arch Arrival Brow Definer

on 2/13/2019 10:02:00 AM


I read so many great reviews here and there on this and was super-excited to try it. I had great brows in my younger days, but as I've aged they seem to be vanishing (or some turning gray). I now have ill-defined, sparse brows (especially the tail area which is pretty much bald on both sides). When using any product, my goal is well-shaped, natural looking brows. I do realize that it's now always going to be somewhat obvious, depending how closely you look, that I fill them in a little bit, and I'm ok with that. However, the scouse brow is NOT for me. So, here are my thoughts about Sugar Arch Arrival

--The color Taupe Tom is great. In my opinion it is not taupe at all, its a medium-dark brown gray color (as described on Sugar's site) and it's perfect for my dark brunette brows.

--Smudge-proof and long lasting. This has excellent staying power. You can rub or scratch your eyebrow and the product stays on. No touch-up required throughout the day, lasts from dawn til bedtime on me. Haven't tested it, but I would guess this would be somewhat water resistant as well.

--Consistency of the pencil is very hard and chalky. Difficult to get the color to transfer to my skin, therefore I have to press really hard and end up with too much color in one area, and overly dark, thick lines. I can blend the dark lines out somewhat, but then I end up with completely shaded in brows which look really fake. I've not been able to get anything resembling hair-like lines from this pencil. This might be good for heavily colored/shaped brows, but for the natural brow look it just doesn't work for me at all.

--Amount of product. Imo, something is off with the amount of product you get. It's listed as .35g, that's 350mg or .012 oz. My Maybelline Total Temptation brow definer is 150 mg or .0052 oz. So, I should be getting twice as much product with the Sugar. The picture I posted shows both pencils, having each been used about 4 times. While the Sugar pencil is a tiny bit wider (maybe 1 mm) it's clear that the Maybelline is over 1/4" longer than the Sugar. The 1mm width difference in no way makes up for the 1/4" length difference even if they would be an equal amount of product. Then remember, I'm supposed to get 2x as much pencil with Sugar... so where is it? It's not in the actual pencil. Maybe they included the container in the weight, idk, but something is wrong here.

Overall, very disappointed. Does not work for me and will not repurchase again.

Brows -Sugar Cosmetics -Brow Beater

Full disclosure: This may have been discontinued - I found it in the Cosmetic Market, which is a mecca of discounted make-up in Midtown Manhattan (15 E. 37th Street) .. I think I paid $2 - $3 for it, and went back for more, because this is a great staple- the brush is right there in the lid, the color is pretty fool proof (I got the Light - and unlike a lot of "dark blonde / light brown" options out there, it is not reddish.) Staying power is okay - wish it was better, but hey! it's every bit as good as the Anastasia Pomade that is so much more expensive, and not very portable, and does not have the brush right there in the lid. And it's a pretty decent brush, considering the size and the price point.

Also - this is a DUPE for Benefit Ka-BROW! cream gel eyebrow color with brush

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Bronzers -Sugar Cosmetics -Tropic Tan ]



Oh God, guys. I just got my latest compact from Sugar off of Amazon, and I am so upset - they changed the formula, so it no longer has the light shimmery glow that it used to - it's now just a dirty tan (although it looks similar in the pallet). I don't understand, because it's sold by the actual manufacturer and they made no mention that it wasn't the original. This new version is MAYBE a 3 Lippie, as it lackss EVERYTHING that made it look natural and glowy.

I will search for a dupe and update with what I find....

This is hands down my favorite bronzer ever. I don't have many HG products, but this definitely is one of them.

I am pretty pale year round, so it's tricky for me to find a bronzer that doesn't make me look fake, dirty, or burnt. Despite how dark it looks in the compact, the color is surprisingly sheer and blendable on my pale skin, yet somehow is buildable and still adds enough color when I use (tons) of sunless tanner in the summer.

The product seems to not only bronze, but it also adds a nice glow that I have yet to achieve from any other bronzer -- I don't want sparkles on my cheeks, and some shimmers are way too noticeable - but this seems to add the right amount of glow.

I've never had oiliness problems or breakouts from this, and the color seems to last fairly well throughout the day. My biggest complaint is that they should sell smaller compacts, because I always seem to drop and shatter mine halfway through, wasting a ton... and it's hard to fit into my purse... but I guess this is more of a reflection on me than anything else.

I've had my current one for YEARS (like, 10, seriously), so I was nervous it was discontinued. Very excited I found it on Amazon. Bottom line, forget Smashbox, Bare Minerals, Nars (all of which I've used), and buy this gem.

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Mascara -Sugar Cosmetics -Sugar Double Wink

on 7/8/2015 3:31:00 PM


I got this on a whim while browsing Kohl's cosmetic clearance section. It was 2 mascaras (as in 2 whole tubes, not just the 2 sides of the tube) for $2.80! I was prepared to be disappointed but was actually pleasantly surprised- this mascara is pretty nice for daily wear. If you're looking for anything dramatic then you'll probably want to skip it, but I wear it to the office and it provides a little bit of extra length and volume, while separating my lashes for a very natural look.

It lasts all day on me, and is easy to wash off. The packaging is meh, but I do like that it is very slender- I have a very small purse and it's perfect for that. It has very stiff wands that aide in separating the lashes, which it does very well. I wipe the little glob off at the end so I can use it to detail my corner lashes.

All in all, super satisfied with this product, especially for the price I got it at.

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Blush -Sugar Cosmetics -Sweet Cheeks blush

on 6/12/2015 8:17:00 PM

Received as part of a little gift set and though I don't usually do cream blushes figured I would give it a try. The consistency was fairly slick, only a little tacky, and blended out nicely without too much effort. It didn't make my face feel sticky and would have given a nice blushed look if the color weren't way too pink for my fair skin. If they had a lighter - not so flamingo- pink or subtle apricot shade, I would give it a shot as it blended pretty easily and didn't make me look like I had war paint on. Good pigmentation, decent consistency, overall okay.

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