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Recent Philosophy Reviews

Moisturizers -Philosophy -Clear Days Ahead Oil-Free Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment & Moisturizer

on 6/17/2018 9:22:00 PM


Smells absolutely awful to me, I despise the scent so much. Despite that this BHA moisturizer works. I apply a generous amount to my face about 2 nights a week and it helps keep my acne at bay and leaves my skin soft and not dried out at all. Great product for people with oily/acne prone skin that can be sensitive. Will repurchase.

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Cleansers -Philosophy -The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

on 6/9/2018 2:59:00 PM


Do not scrub your eyebrows with this product! Upon my second wash I decided to use it on my entire face including eyebrows. The second I “gently” scrubbed my eyebrow it took half of it off!!!!!!! I love the product but keep it away from eyebrows!!!!

Moisturizers -Philosophy -Purity Made Simple Ultra-Light Moisturizer


This moisturizer sits on top of my skin for too long, does not absorb as easily as it should when used as a last step. also gives an oily appearance.

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Cleansers -Philosophy -Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 cleanser

on 6/8/2018 3:58:00 AM


This is surprisingly good for removing eye makeup while still in the shower - it even manages to remove some very stubborn Maybelline mascaras so I can skip the additional step with the micellar water I usually use to get rid of any leftover makeup.
I knocked off one lippie because my skin can feel kinda dried out right after I use it but the feeling disappears quickly and it does not make my oily skin produce even more oil to make up for it, so I can live with it. Also, I really don't like the smell.

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Tinted Moisturizer -Philosophy -Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin Tint

on 6/6/2018 7:41:00 AM


I normally love EL DW about decided to try this on my oily skin that never stays matte. I use a primer under by LG spackle and sprayed UD stay all night face spray over it.l, then powder with Sephora baked powder. It stays put all day in my humid hot climate and doesn't transfer much and when it does my face doesn't show patchy or anything. I love this. I wish they would put it in a tube or jar with pump. it's not sanitary.

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